Juicy Music Preamp

I would like to know if I can hook up a Juicy Music Preamp to my Harman/Kardon 3480? Are these preamps only made for lps?
Your HK3480 is a receiver that does happen to have preout/main in jumpers. You could remove the jumpers and use the Juicy Music for the preamp section and run it into the main in jacks. All of your gear would then hook up to the Juicy Music and you would would use just the amp section of the HK3480.

Juicy Music makes, (or use to make) a LINE STAGE only the Peach, a full fuction preamp, (with phono) the Blueberry and just a phono stage only the Tercel. So it depends on what model of Juicy Music you are talking about, but all of them would work one way or another with the HK 3480.
Thanks for the reply! Im new to all this stuff so I have a few more questions. what amp do you think would work best with a juicy music blueberry maybe a differnt HK or something else? Im trying to set up a system for records.If I hooked a blueberry up to my HK3480 would it even improve the sound or would it be just as good running the turntable stright to my 3480?