Judging equipment

I have a question for experienced members.
I have a 7000k cdn 2 box pre amp from YBA it Is 1 step below their top of the line signature series which is another 25k I have had for this pre amp for 2 years now. I recently bought a tube pre amp from a boutique hand made mfg here in Ontario for 1200 cdn

Maybe my hearing isn't what it should be but when I swap out the pre amps and play my test tracks over and over I do hear a slight difference in sound between the 2 but given the difference in price I would expect much more of a difference.

As I said maybe it is just me. 

Spend the savings on Canadian whiskey.

Very funny. But if we can be serious for a moment: Angel's Envy Finished Rye. You're welcome.

@dekay  - I would love to visit the Space-Tech showroom sometime. They have a full compliment of tube equipment at different price levels and I would love to hear it. Unfortunately, the are a good distance away from me, and most other Americans (except you PNW guys).
I think Quick Silver amps offer the same value for your dollar in USA.
I heard some of their amplifiers once and was impressed. They have quite a following on audio circles and forums.
The truth is that most well-designed and well-built preamps will sound darn close! Want to hear a real change? Try a different transducer - phono cartridge or speakers! Most electronics today are already pretty transparent to the source.