JTR Noesis

Has anybody here auditioned the JTR Noesis? A search didn't turn up anything.

I've demoed these paired with 2 Orbit Shifter subs, and I thought they were very, very good for both music (clear and detailed without being harsh) and movies. They have a 101 dB sensitivity rating, and a usable output rating of 134 dBs, so they can get as loud as you'd want without distorting.

I'm in the market for a stereo pair and I have a JTR Orbit Shifter LFU, so I may end up going with the Noesis, but they're the only ones I've listened to so far, so I'm in the process of auditioning speakers that would excel for both music and movies.

If you've heard them and can compare them to other speakers of a similar type, let me know, thanks!
How big is your room? Is music or home theater more important to you?
I actually use my Vapor Breeze a bit more often for movies , but my biggest concern was to have a great sounding system for music, which I do.
My subwoofer has been broke since I've had the Vapors, and I have enjoyed many movies even without a subwoofer.(my room is 16x22) I would think the Cirrus with a good 12 inch sub would be plenty for a great home theater experience. The Vapor's are very detailed and very musical, and you are right that the Raal provides soaring , glorious highs. I would try to hear the Vapors if your going to be listening to alot of music.
I have demoed the Noesis and am awaiting our move into our new home to place my order for them. I currently have the Triple12 and will be upgrading. I think the Noesis is my perfect speaker, for my tastes and preferences. I also have Emerald Physics CS2.7 and have no problems saying in enjoy the Noesis even more than the EP. They never fail to plaster a grin on my face. There is a member on AVS forum that "upgraded from the Revel Ultima Salon II to the Noesis" with 2 orbit Shifters and is more than pleased. I use the quotes because those are his words. That should tell you these speakers are something special.

If you're looking for a touch of warmth, you might want to look at the Seaton Catalyst.
Hi thanks for the replies, and sorry for my late response.

I wasn't able to demo the Vapor Cirrus unfortunately, but I think while they may be able to compete (or may be even better) than the Noesis for music, I don't think they'd be able to compete for movies. I talked to someone who was at a Noesis vs LS-6 shootout and he said the whole room was blown away by the gunfire scene in the movie Open Range.

Most of the music I listen to nowadays is stuff I find funny, so I don't really listen to much music, but if I end up writing music again it would be bass heavy electronic music, which is what the Noesis excels at. It would be cool to simulate club environments to check the mixdown.

Newrival, I was able to demo the Noesis at the member you mention's house, and yeah, he told me the same thing. I thought they were just amazing. I think I'm probably going to pull the trigger on them tomorrow. I'd like to hear the Cats, but they're more than I'd want to spend. I PMed a member who owns them though, so maybe I'll get to hear them at some point.
What a lousy website. I went there knowing nothing about these speakers, and left with the same impression.

I agree - the website leaves a lot to be desired. There is an extensive owners' forum at another website. The main owners' thread is 7000+ posts (the JTR Noesis thread is only a few hundred posts, so far,) however, I am not one to read through 7000+ forum posts on something I don't own and have no real way of auditioning.

I understand that many ID dealers rely on word-of-mouth and do not need to need to advertise. Still, even as the owner is busy building speakers, doing R&D on new models, and making sales, web sites should not be an afterthought.