JSE infinite slope

HI! I have these JSE INFINITE SLOPE speakers.their sound is so clear.so far is the best that I ever had. and I have some bookshelf speakers too.but now I have to sell some speakers.the booshelf speakers are the BR1 from PARTS EXPRESS.they sound ok.but they can fit anywhere.which ones should I sell.the JSE sound excellent,but they are big.so now I would appreciate any suggestions.thank you.
You'll be hard pressed to beat the JSE's, which model do you have. The JSE's were the same technology and the precursor to the Joseph Audio speakers. Joseph used better drivers but the X/O technology is the same.

The dynamics are incedible on the old JSE's and drum snaps are still the best I've heard.

So dump the PE's, and make room.

Can';t give you any help, as i don't know your situation, room, needs, tolerance etc...

I can tell you I still have two different pairs of JSE IS's in my house... 1.0 and 1.8, they are great speakers, but you need to decide what works for you and what you like best.
Has anyone had any success paring a subwoofer with the JSE Model 1s? I used an inexpensive ($125) ampified subwoofer with mine. IT opened the JSE's up a bit, but the subwoofer is too boomy, and I keep it at low volume.
Keep the JSEs! I bought a pair of Model 1's in 1985, used them for years, and loved them to death. I moved on to other speakers, and gave them to my brother-in-law who still uses them. Whenever I visit and hear them I'm remided why I bought them. They punch way above their weight class. Dump the bookshelf speakers, but keep the JSEs - they are unique.

I never paired mine with a sub, but I currently use a pair of ACI Titans. One of those would blend perfectly, but they are a bit pricier than $125. Those speakers are the real high end deal, and deserve a proper sub. JSE actually made a passive sub for them for a while, and some people liked it. An active with proper filtering and phase control would be a much better bet.