JSE infinite slope

HI! I have these JSE infinite slope speakers model #1.they sound wonderfull! but how come I do not see them in reviews.I know they are old,but they sound really good.I have seen the crossover"infinite slope"in the JOSEPH AUDIO speakers.I compared them with my friend's B&W side by side,his are brand new B&W speakers.he chose the music "classic,jazz,R&B," blind folded.HE went first!
-classic (He chose the JSE)
-jazz (He chose the JSE)
-R&B (He chose the JSE)
then it was my turn!.
-classic ( I went for the JSE)
-jazz (I went for the JSE)
-R&B (I went for B&W)
so it is clear that these speakers "JSE INFINITE SLOPE" can figth with the big fellas like B&W.well after we finished the blind fold test.He asked me where I got these speakers from.because he did not know the brand.I told him,from a thrift shop.now he is searching for these guys in "ebay" and "audiogon" he wants the same.three way ,piano finished.by the way HE paid for his B&W around $2k.and I paid for mines $40.00 in the thrift shop for the pair.not bad ehh!.I saw once. one pair of "JSE infinite slope speaker" on ebay,but they were ugly ones and
they were four way.mine is three way.one 1 inch soft dome tweeter,one 6 1/2 midrange,one 8 woofer.the shape is like a piramide from front to back."very nice"and the piano finished ohh my god! wonderfull.
so far I am so happy with these JSE.now I can listen to pure music like it was ment to be.well if you ever come across to a pair of these fellas just get them!!! you will be glad you did!.

Are you trying to flood the forums in regards to these speakers??

Just giving you some grief!

Old? The JSE 1.0's it sounds like you are describing stopped production over twenty years ago. By now the binding posts and more to the point the plastic cup used to hold them should have been replaced as both pairs of mine (1.0 and 1.8) needed this about this time. $40 is an absolute steal on them. I bought a pair of 1.8's for ~$500 a year or so ago as I still liked the 1.0's I bought in 1985 as a freshman in college. FWIW both of mine are in natural Oak finish, and my 1.0's have the JSE double spiked stands (spikes to the speaker from the metal stands and to the floor from the stand) They truly bring the bass to another level. My 1.8's sit on Sound Fusion vibe busters (spikes and disks... what can I say I have tile floors)

Sounds like the ones you saw on eBay were maybe the 2's they had rounded edges on the front and are bigger, my brother has a set of these in I think cherry in his office but the room is so bad acoustically and the speakers WAY to big to tell you what I think of them... I too find them ugly.

Enjoy them, I do, but as you posed in your last post on these, they are large, and I am about to consider ridding myself of both pairs to make room for a good plasma speaker system for the bedroom.



Consider yourself fortunate! You found a good speaker at a great price. Now go enjoy them!

BTW, in current dollars, your 20 year old speakers were probably much more expensive than your friend's B&Ws. I think some of the JSE speakers cost over $2000 20 years ago. So in today's dollars they would be quite expensive.



The 1.0's he's speaking of where ~$700, I still have my original receipt for the spekaers and stands and it was ~$823 if I remember right.

Thanks, I must have seen one of the more expensive models like the 2s. They seemed pretty pricey at the time.

- It is no coincidence that Joseph Audio references "Infinite Slope" in it's advertising. Jeff Joseph used to be a salesperson at Harvey Electronics in Manhattan in the 80's. Harvey carried JSE speakers. I believe he bought the rights to the Infinite Slope technology and utilizes it in his products. -
Your JSE 1 is not a three-way; it's a two-way. The bottom two speakers are both woofers. There is only one cross-over. The smaller woofer runs slightly out of phase at its upper frequencies to prevent the usual bump in the bass output. At lower frequencies they both work in phase.

You are close, it is a 2 1/2 way, similar to what Canton does with their matched mids.

Sorry, but you're the one who's not close. The speakers operate EXACTLY as I describe. They are 2 way, not 2 1/2 way. The operation of the 2 woofers was a second development of Richard Modafferi used in the speaker (after the "infinite slope").
HI MELM! thank you for your information.it looks like you know what you are talking about.but where did you find all this information? and can you tell me more about them please.is it worthy to keep them? .they sound fantastic and they are in excellent condition.thank you again.

I was a relatively early purchaser of the JSE 2 and became friendly with the designer who updated it to what was known as the JSE 2a for me. I did a lot of research at the time and the JSE 1 preceded the JSE 2. The JSE 2 was a five speaker 4 way design that used exactly the same kind of 2 speaker bass configuration as the JSE 1. To my knowledge there were two other JSE speakers made in addition to the 1 and 2.

I recently replaced the JSE 2 speakers with VS 4jr speakers and I am very happy with the result. If you think the JSE 1 sounds fantastic, what more is there to add?

The only other thing I can tell you is that the 1" tweeter of the JSE 1 is a Dynaudio D 28 and the other two speakers could have been sourced from Madisound at the time and for many years thereafter. Now? I don't know.

JSE stands for John Solecito Engineering. John now has a different speaker company.

The first reviews of these speakers appeared in the Sensible Sound. The JSE 2a was reviewed in TAS by Mike Kuller.
I have the .6's. Back in the late 80's I remember hearing other models at a local audio store and the .6's sounded better than JSE's higher models and were only $880.00. They are a two way and have the most transparent sound I have ever heard. If you ever have a chance to hear these, you may indeed agree.

I have a pair of Infinite Slope 1 and the tweeter on one speaker just went south on me! The tweeter is a DYNAUDIO D-28 AF. Does anyone know of a replacement for this tweeter? I hope that someone out there has an answer? I look forward to your reply!

Edattalo, here's a pic of the JSE model 6's.
Just scroll down when your on the site to see the pic.
i am trying to find out what infinite slops i have has a steel Cohen and 6 inch mid and and 2 8s my email is in4hours@gmail.com please need help
I know this thread is a bit old and I am a Johnny come lately. I have a pair of huge, heavy and dark maroon coloured infinite slope speakers. No model number appears on the rear though there is a gold coloured label with a signature and warranty. It has 5 drivers. Biwirable / biampable. Which model is this may I know?
What are the recommended amplifiers for something like this?
Sounds like Model 2. I used to own the model 1.8 and used a Harman Kardon Citation 16 with a Citation 11 preamp and they sounded fantastic.  I just scored a pair of the model 2. I've always loved the sound of McIntosh so that's what plan on using starting with the C2300. 
Hi Blackie_2,
I own a pair of this JSE model, too.  They are not the Model 2.  They are the top-of-the-line Model 4.  Mine are awaiting restoration (new caps, new woofers to replace the old polypropylene woofers).  I hope to get to it soon.