JS Jorgen Schou MX MC trans ? Anny good?

Hi all of you - I need some advice

I have been ofered a set of JS moving coil transformers. They are a type that I have never seen or heard of before. The most common type is caled 0.32M This ome is simply named: JS TYPE MX NO.14835. the ratio can be changed. This page http://audiotools.com/mctrans.html has a description of some of them in combination with Ortofon MC stepups. I have a picture of it if anny of you would like to se it.

Thaks in advance

Peter Jensen
Hi Peter.
I'm also looking for info on Ortofon/JS step-ups. Couldn't find JS MX 14835 on site you mentioned.
I have a collection of JS, Ortofon and Beyer trannies. Best were vintage JS 0.32M with 50k secondaries; but, they're expensive at $600+US per pair. BTW, 0.32M is available in a variety of models with different impedances/ratios.
I'm presently using conrad-johnson HV-1a nuvistor tube head amp with Transfiguration Spirit MC. Works well for me.
Please keep in touch, if you get some good info.
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The transformer in question was used in the well known Ortofon T-30. It is a two channel device with selectable inputs for 3,6,12,24,and 48 ohm impedances.

The connections are as follows: left input= green/black, right input= red/black, left output=green/blue, right output=red/blue.

I'd say you have a keeper.

Hope this helps.


First 0,32M is only refering to the shielding / housing

You need to look at the NO. XXXX

Some of the famous ones are no.40 and 41, 384 16000, and 16001 input and line transformers

When we look at output transformers NO 1814, and 2218 are really good


I have a few JS transformers too. I'm really curious to find out more about them. Is there any online info somewhere?