JRiver vs Foobar - which do you prefer and why?

I have both programs installed on my office computer system and found that JRiver worked and sounded slightly better to me than similar vintage version of Foobar.  Operation and features were also superior at the time.  I have since upgraded to latest version of JRiver (21.0.23) and have ceased using Foobar at all.  I recently did a rough AB comparison with a friend on his fairly resolving system with two computers running the same music files but using the different playback programs, and the JRiver version sounded better (more detail in the treble and midrange, better spatial information, more interesting and involving overall).  Not dramatic or in your face differences, but reproducible.  There could be other confounding issues, but I thought this result was interesting.

Has anybody done a thorough recent comparison of the two playback programs on a PC within the last year, and if so, what was your experience?  I did a quick search on Agon forum, but did not turn up anything useful in terms of comparison.  Would also appreciate info on link to post here that covers this topic, or review/comparison elsewhere on the Internet.  Found some opinions on a broad Internet search, but not comparing the latest iterations of the software.


This is my experience as well.  JRiver sounds more live and musical to me. 
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try computeraudiophile.com forums. Massive discussion of software for both pc & mac. Cheers,
Foobar is terrible, I’ve switched to MPC-BE (it's got a kick ass upmixer)+ explorer.