JRiver Locks up Marantz NA11S1 - Replacement Options?

Hi, I am having trouble with a Marantz NA11S1. It will lockup occasionally when streaming from JRiver Media Center (Version 26). It still think it is rendering, but it has stopped playing audio. I have to hard-reset it by physically pulling the plug in the rear in order to reset the processor inside. If I just turn it off/on I and go to the web portal for the player it *still* thinks it is playing audio. I cannot tell how/why it gets into this state, but there is virtual no support from Marantz or any updates that would fix it. I don’t think there is anything *wrong* with the Marantz other than what appears to be a software bug. Anyone experience anything like this with this unit?

I am considering an Aurender N100SC or Auralic G2.1 streamer to replace the aging Marantz NA11S1. I have had so much trouble streaming I am considering these as they have onboard storage I can copy all the music to. This seems rather silly as I would expect airplay or upnp streaming to just be far more reliable. iTunes has proved unreliable as a server it will throw up dialog boxes that require me to login to the computer and click "ok." I switched to JRiver and still have issues. Other people in my house know to do this, but it has just become too much of a hassle and it’s easier to stream from the internet.

Here are my notes/units I have been considering.

  • Aurender N100SC - Hopefully more reliable, but locked into software other than Airplay. No idea how streaming to multiple rooms/zones would work if I had multiple Aurenders.
  • Auralic G2.1 - I have heard good things about the software and it supports everything I would need.
  • Classe Delta Pre as a streamer until I build out the system- Has anyone done this? I see in the manual it will let you bypass volume on any input but USB. I think I’ll eventually pick up this unit in a new 2-channel system and it would be nice to not have the extra box long-term. Though that would leave the family setup with no good streamer again.
  • Simaudio 280D - I have a 340i DP3X that I would have the option to match to, but not sure I really like this streaming unit.
  • Simaudio 680D - How reliable is the software? Same software as lower models, but seems like many updates lately. Eventually considering moving up here if I don’t go with Classe or another direction.

One of the digital only streamers + CD Player (old school so it *just* works if someone wants to put in a disk). I could just use the Marantz as the DAC, but it will look like more boxes to the wife. She won’t really care too much, but reducing is good overall.

  • Simaudio 260D
  • Simaudio 650D
  • McIntosh MCD600 SACD/CD Player - Plenty of dealers including my main dealer.
  • Mark Levinson No 5101 - Network Streaming SACD Player - Hard to find info on how good the streaming is.Luxman D03X - No SACD, of which I have ~50-100 that I would like to play.Luxman D10X - Can find locally, haven’t inquired if the msrp can come down. Being told there are not going to be models in between, which I find hard to believe given the huge price difference between D03X and D10X.
  • Accuphase DP570 - Can’t even get someone to sell this to me, dealers/importers won’t reply. Really seems hard to get compared to Luxman. I want to like the brand, but they are making it very hard.

I would appreciate any help narrowing the options.
I am using the Auralic Aries G1 and quite happy with it. Unless you are pairing the streamer with an Auralic DAC via their proprietary Lightning Link, you may not do better with the G2.1 than the G1. I would recommend auditioning the G1 to see what you think. You can then use the money saved to take a small vacation.

The Aries series has many nice features, including a built-in server, ability to use a USB CD drive for playing CDs, a nice display, and available parametric EQ and resampling if you want them. I do not use Auralic’s software (which runs only on iOS), so I can’t comment on that.

I have not compared the Aries G1 to any of the products you listed, but I did compare it to a Bricasti M5 and found them indistinguishable.
Unfortunately no chance to take a vacation right now! I have looked at the Auralic Aries G1, but it doesn’t look like it can support the built in server feature. I can continue to use the Marantz NA11S1 as a DAC if needed. Is the main benefit of the Auralic DAC the Lightning Link? I don’t listen to high res except for SACD.
The G1 doesn’t support internal drives, that’s right. However, it does have the same server function as the G2, which in both units can access storage connected to the unit’s USB connector. So, a thumb drive or external USB drive can be attached that way.

If you wanted to store your music on the Aries, I can see that the internal storage feature of the G2 would be a plus. I use a NAS on my local network instead.

The Auralic DACs are very good, but choosing among DACs is very much a matter of personal taste these days. Just about all of them are objectively excellent. As to LightningLink, I think it’s for those who must have the top of the line and want to attach the expensive Auralic resampler or digital clock. Both Aries models have USB output, which can send high-res to any DAC that accepts it -- not just to Auralic DACs -- so LL is not needed for that.

Sorry about no vacation!

Thank you for sharing your issue. So many people were facing the same issue including me. And you stood for us.

also thank you mr.@mike for your words.

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