JRiver hack notice. True?

I was gone away from the net since Thursday and I received an email from JRiver (I hope!) stating they got hacked.  I could not locate a thread in regards to this.  Is this true or a super phishing scam?
I was among those who got the e-mail:
To Message body

Good Day,
I'm sorry to report that JRiver's servers were recently attacked and partially compromised. No credit card information was lost (we don't save any), but e-mail addresses probably were, and possibly passwords, although these were heavily encrypted. You should change your password for the forum here:  Profile > Account Settings   License passwords can be changed if you purchase in the future -- they are only used for changing your e-mail address. You can read more on Interact.
We have spent the last few weeks recovering from this catastrophic event. If you have experienced problems with Media Network, cover art lookup, CD ripping, or other functions that use our servers, this break-in is probably the reason. All problems are fixed now.
We're also sorry if you experienced a failure when you tried to purchase a new license or upgrade an old one. If you're willing to try again, here is a coupon that will save you $10 on a new or upgrade license during September: MEACULPA ($10 Coupon). Enter the coupon during purchase and confirm that the price is correct.
We offer our sincere apologies. It was our fault, and we're embarrassed about it. You can be sure that we are much better prepared to defend our servers now.
That's the bad news.  
The Rest is Good News  
Although we lost a month of development time, there are still many improvements in JRiver Media Center 24. We're now on build 52, so it's come a long way since April ...

one thing everyone should practice...never open a link inside an email always go to the web site of the company directly. Doesn't mater what company its coming from never open a link in an email period, unless your expecting that email like a confirmation link when you sign up to a form or from a trusted friend (even then be careful).