JRiver 19 playback

Upgraded from version 17 to 19, whoopie. While I enjoy the sound, I dont feel that the Jriver is all that easy to use for the layman or at least me. The Wikki is all over the place and I've spent hours on Computeraudiophile.com with a plethora of threads.
System is PC, USB out to Benchmark DAC2 HGC. Which has its complexities in itself.
1) I still have the version 17 on my computer which plays fine. The version 19 only plays out of the computer speakers and not out the USB. It played out the USB for a while but alas, not now. Where or what are the settings for this? I dont believe I changed anything, but evidently I must have.
2) The version 17 has six or seven playback options; ASIO, MP3, etc. Where 19 seems to have only three. Is there more that I need to click on to show up in the options?
3) Is there a really good place for setup tips that is a step by step for the techno-impared like me? Simple is what myself (and I am hoping others) need.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and any input.
To select your output device, Tools - Options - Audio and select your audio device. You should see your USB device listed there. Just select the device with the appropriate driver format from the list. There may be a More Options list at the bottom of the list.

MP3 is a file format, not associated with a particular device.
Try this thread on CA:
Your DAC accepts up to 192 KHz and DSD files. In the Audio setup screen, select DSP and make sure that all the freqencies up to 192 KHz are set to No Change. If you are using DSD files, also select the option to Bitstream and select the DoP option.

Unfortunately, it does take a bit to learn all the options of the program.

If you have other questions, please ask.
Just signed up with JIVER, and got my confirmation email along with a registration #, however the KEY # isn't there. There was an attachment that looks like this:
MEDIA CENTER 19 WINDOWS....245247... and when it is down loaded, and opened up , it doesn't display any KEY CODE. I need this key code to get JRIVER JREMOTE to sync up with my APPLE IPAD. Any thought on how one finds this mysterious KEY CODE # ?

If you don't see your device you may have to re-install the driver for your DAC.
Sounds like you are looking for the DLNA access key which you will find at Tools>Options>Media Network where you will see the access key up at the top of the Options window.
Good morning; I got it to play last night. Thank you Dtc.
I will see what I can do again this evening to fine tune the player.
I now need to figure out why my PC wont install the USB2 driver. Evidently this will move the performance to where it should be.
You folks are the best. While I actually enjoy some of the work involved, at times it can be very trying on ones nerves.
I have a feeling I'll be back.
Regards, John
Yes, what Gz3827 said. You have to generate your own key by checking the box next to "Use Media Network to share this library and enable DLNA"
Posted a thank you response a couple days ago.
Must be lost in the Audio Zone.... Thank you.
By Jove I think I've got it.
Had a royal pain getting the USB2 driver to install for the Benchmark DAC. For others; You must activate the USB 2 on the DAC in order to install the driver on a Win 7 PC as per the instructions. Problem is the USB 4X will only stay active for a couple moments then resort to the old setting. Keep the USB button held or repeat the button holding while clicking install on the driver software. Eventually it will be at the proper moment, then install. It's a little tricky, but it'll go.
I had to go back into settings to re-set to the Benchmark USB2 driver.
Hope it helps others.
Glad you got it working. J River is a very flexible player but it does take some time to learn a lot of the tricks. Unfortunately, their documentation for the new users is pretty skimpy. Their website can be very useful and, in general, people are very helpful. Enjoy your system.

Long time reader new user.

I recently got JRiver too so I'm also experimenting with it.

If you go to; Tools > Options > Playback Options > Audio Device - you should be able to select the playback if its either speakers or another device.

Hope this helps.

Apologies in advance for my short response and know-how of Jriver.