I'm trying to get jremote to link up with my laptop am having issues.   OS is windows 10. 


Mike, I cannot help with JRemote because I had fought with it myself for a long time and never won.  I switched to Roon, and my goodness, we're talking night and day.  the user experience of Roon is like riding in the back of a chauffeur driven S-Class Mercedes Benz compared to JRiver's experience which is more like driving an 18 year old honda civic stick shift through the mud.  If you haven't already, I recommend the trial, just to know what it's like.
Have you checked your wifi connections? My tablet with JRemote would not connect with my computer when my computer had a weak wifi signal (0-1 bars). I bought a wifi range extender that plugs into the wall which solved the problem. Also, make sure your smartphone or tablet is on the same wifi network as your computer. If they are on different networks, they won't connect. For instance if one device is using 5 ghz and the other is on 2.4 ghz, they won't sync up. I have been using JRemote for the past year with an iPad and Mac Mini and have not had any problems.
Thanks for everyone's input.   Successful after getting tablet and pc on same network.