JRDG Preamp & Hovland

Has anyone compare the JRDG new SynergyIIi to the previous model? and how does it compare to the Hovland preamp as both preamps are in the similar price range(line stage only). I owned a Synergy preamp and wondering whether I should get a factory upgrade or change to the Hovland. Any comments are welcome.
I am not familiar with the new SynergyIIi but
I recently bought a Hovland 100 and the effect
on the rest of my system (kharma, gamut, metronome)
has been really significant. I had about 4 different
pre amps before the Hovland but only the Hovland
has rocked the system.
Just asking.
TO: Tab110s

Do you mean the upgraded power cord for Synergy pre-amp or Hovland preamp? I can not comment on the Hovland preamp. And thanks for Wayfinding's comment. It is surprising to know there are so few people using JRDG preamp on the market.
I meant for the Hovland. I don't think it's for sale anymore.