JRDG Multiformat Player

There is a hint at Jay Kaufmann´s web-site that there will be a JRDG multiformat player released. Any comments on this?
I am very sure that Rich Maez had been working on a universal player.

Though my understanding is that it will look simliar to the Rowland gear, it will not be a Rowland product.

I beleive that Rich's background is with both Wadia and JRDG.
Maybe Jeff Rowland will introduce universal player...
Regarding Rich Maez, he left JRDG and is now new North American Sales & Marketing Director for Boulder Amplifiers(check on www.cesweb.org search Boulder Amplifiers).
Does anyone know as to what terms Rich left JRDG? I.E. Simply a career move, a falling out with Jeff, didn't adgree with JRDG's direction, etc.
I spoke with Rowland about three weeks ago regarding amps,and also asked if there were plans to produce a cd/sacd player.Rowland's reply was they had no plans to produce source components of any format.
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