JRDG Concentra/Concerto phono stage

Does anyone know how much gain the mc setting on the Jeff Rowland concentra phono stage has? Can it support a 0.36mV MC cart? Thanks.

The info I got from JRDG for setting my Concerto phono stage says you can set the gain from 44dB to 64.5 dB, the higher values for MC of course. I suspect it will accommodate your cartridge. Send me an email and I can fax you the info.
I used a ZYX Airy R-1000 straight into my Concerto preamp. The above stated gain agrees with my figures and the Concerto played my .24 mv cartridge as loud as my other sources. There is a little keypad inside the preamp for each channel. Just move the keys according to the diagram and you'll be able to set it precisely for your cartridge.
If you don't have the diagram for phono settings, contact Rowland and they can mail or fax you one.
How good is it as a phono stage? Should I put one in my Concerto pre or continue to futz with outboard photo stages?