JRDG Capri vs. Parasound JC-1

Has anyone compared these two preamps? What are strengths and weaknesses of each? Pros and cons? For me the size of the Capri is advantageous, as an example.
Seeking any and all comments concerning comparison or experience with either.
Clio09 has had the JRDG, you might to email him. As for the JC2, is truly a fantastic preamp, handily besting a fully modded SF pre that I had prior to it.

Sorry MJ but I haven't compared the two, my purely speculative guess would be that the JC2 is a bit better, which is probably not worth that much ;-)
Somewhat off topic, but the main reason I have not tried the JC-2 is that I've become very attached to having a digital readout of the volume setting, which the Parasound pre does not have. I also have the impression from the Stereophile review that it can be tricky to adjust the volume remotely with good precision.

Having a readout helps for setting levels when doing comparisons of things and it also helps me to monitor my listening levels at night when others are sleeping.
I tried a Capri in my system and was not impressed with the sound. Bass was shy and it had a soft presence. Great volume control. I just got a pass xp10 and love it. Amazing midrange and nice warm side of neutral. Built like a tank.
The Capri is a lot of preamp for the money. Slightly warm (found this out after comparing to a passive preamp), but in my system very good frequency extension and balance. Never compared it to a JC-2.
Not knowing anything about your system is a handicap to giving you sound advice. The quality of performance of either of these preamps will depend on proper preamp to amp matching, and amp to speaker matching.
I have the Rowland Capri now and I am using it with the Rowland 102 amplifier
so I'm assuming that matchup is appropriate. As for speakers, my horns are driven by B&C DCX 50 compression drivers with 8 ohm impedance and my woofers are driven by a Perreaux PMF 1850. They are JBL Le 15B in their native JBL cabinet, again 8 ohm.
The JC-2 is on the way and I'm trying to decide whether to open the box or just sell it sealed. I'm assuming a sealed box with a full factory warranty will fetch more money than one I claim I just opened to take pictures or whatever.

So that's the real question, Do I just sell it or try it out first and cost myself hundreds of dollars for the privilege?

please open the box. I am sure you will end up liking the JC-2 better. I am quite confident ... almost confident enough to consider making you this promise...if you decide to sell the JC-2, you can send me an email and I will consider sending you a check for your loss :-)
Seems like you have the synergy thing going with JRDG. Personally, I'd open up the JC-2 and give it a listen anyway, but maybe in your case leaving well enough alone is better.

03-30-10: Macrojack
So that's the real question, Do I just sell it or try it out first and cost myself hundreds of dollars for the privilege?

I'd say bite the bullet and try the Parasound. Not knowing how it sounds will be a dissatisfying experience. There must be something about the Rowland setup that made you pay for a a new preamp.
Macrojack - acoording to this review: http://www.audioenz.co.nz/2007/rowland_capri-102.shtml Capri is a very good match to Model 102 amp and is stronger/better of two. I use JRDG 102 with Benchmark DAC1 and warm sounding speakers (Hyperion HPS-938). I've never heard Capri but Guidocorona has one and is very familiar with Rowland gear - ask him.
Thank you Kijanki, my views on well-broken-in Capri pres are known. Yet, not having tried JC-2 myself, I suggest that JC-2 be given several hundred hours of playing time until it stabilizes, then contrasted with Capri. . . As for the end result, not having access to the same high end crystal-ball that friend Pinkus seems to have happily sourced, nor assuming to own Macro's ears, I shall not attempt to venture prophecy (grins!).

Bottomline. . . Macro, be brave and open the box. . . try out JC-2, and please let us know your comparative findings. G.
The JC-l is a 400 watt pwr amp, not a preamp. The Parasound preamp is a JC-2 which I happen to own. It replaced a McIntosh C-220 and I have never looked back and never been sorry for the change. Associated equipment is a Parasound A-21 power amp, which is IMHO one of the greatest buys in audio. I am driving a pair of Duntech Sovereigns which I have owned for almost 24 years. The JC-2 and the A-21 is a marriage made in heaven. By the way, the Parasound A-21 replaced a McIntosh MC-402 and in my system, the Parasound was superior in every respect.
Thanks, Soundlock. I know the difference between the amp and preamp. That was just a faux pas.
You've convinced me to open the sucker and see what's what. Do you happen to know if the A-23 is the same as the A-21? I know it's twice the power but I'm wondering if the performance is equivalent. I also have two A-23 amps.
Rowland sold. Parasound pending. Now what?

I want solid state preamp with at least 4 inputs. Remote is necessary. On board phono would be nice but not a deal breaker. Looking for ultra quiet, hi-rez and very refined product. Not sure about budget. Will probably buy used and can handle $2K, maybe more, depending on value proposition.
I take it you didn't like the JC-2? How did it compare to the Rowland?
Drubin, he did not like the Capri. Please read my email above where I predicted the result :-)

You can thank me later Macrojack ... ;-)
Thanks, Pinkus. I sold both of them, although the JC-2 is still "sale pending".
Send me a personal email and I'll let you know how to address my $300 check.
I have owned Capri and I was rather happy.
And then I bought Joule-Electra LA-300ME preamp and died and went to (audio) heaven....

No comparison. Not even close.

Good Luck in your search!


I guess I should have been clearer in my earlier post ... what I wanted to say is that I thought you would prefer the JC-2 over the Capri.

Was that not so ... did you prefer the JC-2 over the Capri ?

Also, your check is in the email :-)
Pinkus - Check bounced - please send a good one.