JR Concentra II - GAIN + LOAD settings phono modul

Got a question - I got a document from JR on which the gain and Load settings are shown for the left and the right channel....
In the document the settings are shown as 'similar' settings on both sides (so 60 gain is on the left 1 = on and 2 = off and on the right 1 = on and 2 = off (example) and on the drawing from this schedule ON = above and OFF = under - this on the left and the right) but is it correct that this is vica versa on left and right channel because it is upside down ? (sorry for the difficult explanation but im' a visitor from the netherlands) What I mean to say is that on the actual print in the concentra the words ON and OFF are not the same selection for the left and the right - this is of course critical because else the chosen settings are very very wrong on 1 side ....please help!
I would think you would be able to tell because of the sound being off if you flip the switches the wrong way.

You also should try to contact JRDG directly via phone or email, they are very helpful. I don't have this piece so I'm afraid I'm no good to you.

Try JRDG try their phone#719-473-1181, or email to JRDG@Jeffrowland.com

They're real helpful in my experience.
JDRG uses the same board for each channel. This means that if you look carefully you will notice that the board in the right channel is upside down. Set your left channel first according to the diagram and then duplicate the settings on the right board taking into consideration the fact that it is identical but inverted. It's pretty simple once you get past that initial bit of confusion.