JR Coherence one different that Coherence 2 ?

Im considering a used Coherence one mkII.Is the one an old design lacking Battery power remote etc? Anyone who has compared the 2 preamps. Is 2400USD a good price for a Coherence one mkII? When was the one succeded by the two?What was the new price for the one model?

If you might have missed it, Rowland has a FAQ just for you:


Ulf, $2400 is about two times too much to be paying for a
Coherence One Mk 2. The link in the above post refers to
the newer Coherence, a totally different and more expensive
piece than the Coherence One. Please check the JRDG website
to confirm this.
thanks for your answers.
I think I try to find a C. II. What would a fair price be for a used II?