JPS Superconductor vs. Aluminata jumpers

Anyone using either of these with JPS Superconductor 2 or 3 speaker cable ? If so and compared with brass or stock plates what differences in sound do you perceive ? Also, any significant differences if you compared these jumpers with each other ? Thanks very much.
I have all JPS cables and cord in my system to get the most from JPS it is best to use all JPS cables. I have the SC3 interconnect and speaker cables with the aluminata jumpers the detail is incredible the have taking my speakers to a new level in detail. as for the brass jumper THROW them away I am not sure why speaker makers use them I guess the are cheap and know that you will replace. So go with the JPS jumpers it is like you bought new pair of speakers when you hear what they can do. Hope this helps
Thanks very much, Harnellt. I've gone with the Aluminata jumpers. Incidentally, I'm using the JPS Superconductor 3 speaker cables. So far, they've made a very big difference over other cables I've had, and I've had some very good ones. With my Ridge Street Poiema 3 interconnects, they sound absolutely superb.
I've read that the/my Usher 718BE's are internally wired with JPS cable, so I'm using the Aluminata jumpers to connect the high and low, in conjuction with my Kubala Fascination speaker cable. Whatever is happening here between the different wires sounds really good to me. I'd like to see what the Aluminata speaker cables would sound like, but I'm afraid to try them considering how stiff the Aluminata jumpers are. Are the Aluminata speaker cables as stiff as the Aluminata jumpers?
raks...the 'aluminata' speaker cables are not very stiff..i tried them in my system which requires a cable that is fairly pliable to make the turn from behind my entertainment center to the speakers and they made that easily plus the spade termination is long..hope this helps..they are also are the pc's which i think are the best.
How much are the JPS Aluminata Jumpers these days? How big are the spade connectors (6mm or 8mm)?