JPS Superconductor Q VS Kimber 8TC

I'm looking for a pair of SC to work with my B&W CM1 and Unison Research Unico integrated amp. JPS Superconductor Q or Kimber 8TC, which one would be better? I'm using AQ Type 4 now, and looking for a tighter and cleaner bass, and more analytical and refined human voices. I mostly listen to female voice and jazz. Any comments and recommendations are wellcomed. Thank you!
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I replaced my Kimber 8TC with JPS's entry level Ultraconductor and found the improvement noticeable - a greater sense of openness on all music, along with very well defined bass, involving midrange and clear but refined highs. The music seems to emerge effortlessly. I like the sound much better than the Kimbers and still use the Ultra in my 2nd system with no impulse to change; they are very satisfying. I believe the Qs are a level up from what I have.
BTW I am also using the Superconductor Petite biwires on my main system and love them; they reveal every upstream upgrade I make.