JPS Superconductor Q VS Kimber 8TC

I'm looking for a pair of SC to work with my B&W CM1 and Unison Research Unico integrated amp. JPS Superconductor Q or Kimber 8TC, which one would be better? I'm using AQ Type 4 now, and looking for a tighter and cleaner bass, and more analytical and refined human voices. I mostly listen to female voice and jazz. Any comments and recommendations are wellcomed. Thank you!
I look for clarity, above all else. I like the bass to be tight, and not wooly in any way. Top end to be spectacularly open and smooth.
I use Kimber 8TC, and Hero for 7 meter pre to amp and KCAG interconnects in the source to pre.
I have not used the other brand at all, but i am happy with what I am using, and would say it fulfills my needs.
With a ton of power conditioning, and various tweaks, the Kimber is right up there. It is good at nearly any level of equipment, and the really nice thing is it manages to be as good as whatever i throw at it.
I replaced my Kimber 8TC with JPS's entry level Ultraconductor and found the improvement noticeable - a greater sense of openness on all music, along with very well defined bass, involving midrange and clear but refined highs. The music seems to emerge effortlessly. I like the sound much better than the Kimbers and still use the Ultra in my 2nd system with no impulse to change; they are very satisfying. I believe the Qs are a level up from what I have.
BTW I am also using the Superconductor Petite biwires on my main system and love them; they reveal every upstream upgrade I make.