JPS Superconductor Q

Hey Folks,

Anybody using this between a preamp and amp? Compare it to something else?

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I'm using a .75m SQ xlr between a Valve Audio Predator and Northstar Sapphire. Neutral would be the best word to describe the JPS SQ. Speed and resolution is also a characteristic of the SQ. If your looking for added warmth and bass weight(fullness) these might not be the right cable. The SQ had a rollercoaster type of break in on my system, so be patient.

Thanks, I am looking for a touch of warmth and bass weight.

The Cable Company is also sending Cardas Cross at my suggestion. They did not think my system should be bright but it sometimes is. Not harsh but elevated between about 3k upward.

I appreciate the reply:-)

So, the Q seems neutral but may be a bit thin in the mids. Comparing to Cardas Cross which is a bit too soft and my HERO w/WBT rca's which is a bit bright. I am thinking I need to try Neutral Reference and Golden Presence.


Robert A. Ober
Let me just say that I don't think that asking help will really be of much value. You really need to try them in your own system. For instance, I had the exact opposite experience with WBT HEROs. They were definitely on the dark side for me. When I replaced them with a Nordost Red Dawn ribbon cable, my highs were airy once again. I had never thought them to be dark until I got a new preamp. I think the impedance it the key, although I don't know the relationship. Maybe ask for other Predator users?


Yes, I did try them in my system. After listening to the Q's for half a day or more, I put the Cross back in. I then put the HERO back in. HERO w/WBT rca's is definately week on the bottom in compared to the other two. It is the most detailed which may be in part due to the high frequency rise. BTW, The Cable Company said the cables were broken in.

I am hoping to trade these trial cables for Cross Neutral Reference and Golden Presence.

I am the original poster, the Predator person was helping.

Y'all be cool