JPS Superconductor 3 vs Inakustik LS-1603

Who has experience to use JPS Superconductor 3 and Germany’s Inakustik Referenz LS-1603 speaker cable in Avalon speaker? Which has better sound in your opinion?

I heard both cable are very nice, now I have chance to buy a two years old 2nd hand JPS SC 3 (About USD 1280) and a new Inakustik (About USD 1550). I heard a lot of good things about these two cables, especially JPS SC 3, which work very well with Avalon speaker (I use Avalon's Ascendant II). Unfortunately I don’t have chance to test with these two cables in Avalon speaker. Who can give some comment?

PS: Maybe one thing I don’t like JPS SC-3, it is very hard, like steel.
MM622- I believe that you are confused with your comments about JPS SC3 being "hard like steel". The Old version of Superconductors were very stiff and springy, but SC3 is not nearly as stiff and is not springy at all. Sonically, I really enjoy the presentation of SC3 which is best classified as relaxed yet detailed and balanced with great extension - at least in my vocabulary.
For several years, the JPS Superconductor 3 has been my speaker cable of choice. It has never sounded "hard like steel" in my system. I agree entirely with Jwpstayman's description of its sound. If you seek a truly warm sounding cable, the SC 3 will not be for you.
Sorry, I read OP too quickly. Meant to say the cable itself was not "hard as steel". Never any problem adjusting it, though I would have appreciated a bit more flexibility. Otherwise, my listening impressions still stand.
Sorry you guys misunderstand what I mean, I said "Hard like Steel" is the cable itself are very hard, not the sound. The cable need to twist, not very convenient to use for small area.

I have listen to JPS Superconductor 3 cable work with a pair of Sonus Faber Cremona M speaker, it sound very nice. What I feel JPS Superconductor 3 sounds are very punching,vivacious and strong springy, but never listen this cable work with Avalon. And what about Inakustik Referenz LS-1603? Anybody has experience with it with Avalon speaker?