jps sc3 vs aluminata speaker cables

I've greatly enjoyed having the SC3 speaker cables in our system for some years now, but curious to know what differences/improvements I could expect by upgrading to the Aluminata. Cost difference bet. these two are significant, and in that I have 12ft. runs, is a major upgrade investment. For those who have directly compared, are the improvements substantial? (btw - i/cs are all Aluminta/balanced, w/ SC3 runs for the analog). Thank you ~
I am in a similar boat; I have been using JPS Superconductor 3 speaker cables and a combination of the Aluminata and SC 3 interconnects. I am also using a Kaptovator PC on my amplifier (VAC 160i). I was told your system must be quite resolving in order to get the full benefit the Aluminata SC can provide; it looks like your system qualifies on that measure. The only thing that has stopped me from purchasing the Aluminata SC is all too often a purchase like that yeilds very little cost to value. In other words, many times there is somewhat of a let-down because of the expectation factor; that is not to say they are not wonderful cables, particularly as far as the reviews are concerned. Your best bet may be to call Steve at the Cable Company and borrow a set to make your own determination.