JPS Power Cords on Amps- who's using?

Need amp PC's- Looking at JPS Labs (Power AC or Kaptovator). Guys at Soundstage Mag sure like 'em. Any other experiences with JPS power cords on Amps? (**Note- am also considering Ensemble Mega Powerflux).
Save your time, I had the JPS Kaptovator last year. Then I bought a Whale Elite. Once heard the results with the Whale, I sold the JPS Kaptovator and bought a few more Whales. Big powerful bass with finesse highs and neutral mids and built nicer than the JPS.
hmmmm.... interesting. Rev_Joe- were you using Kaptovator on SS or tube amp?
Sutts- I was using the JPS Kaptovator on a Krell amp. Good detail but edgey and a little lean in the mids and bass. The Whale solved the problem. I ended up selling the Kaptovator and the Krell gear. I traded it for Levinson gear.Now have a Levinson 23.5 amp, 26s preamp and a Sony SCD-1. The Whales are on my Sony SACD player, and the Levinson amp & preamp. Also have a Cobra power cord which is currently on my line conditioner.
Had a JPS Power AC on my Meridian 200 watt solid state. Could hear NO differences. Upgraded to Electraglide Gold FatMan! WOW Now that more like it!!
The only power cord I've tried that made any difference on an amp is the Electra Glide Fat Man.

Several cords have made differences on my preamp/processor, but my amps (Parasound) didn't sound one bit different with anything I tried (Synergistic, MIT, and even other Electra Glide models). Try the FatMan on your amp.