JPS Labs Superconductor vs FMS Zero vs Emperical D

I know these are older cables but has anyone compared these IC and speaker cable. This would be the original superconductor vs FMS Zero or Microwave vs Emperical Design
I've been using FMS Microwave IC's between my turntable & Phono, and between the phono and preamp for years. They're the best so far and I feel no compunction to upgrade from them at all. Very transparent and musical. Tonally great.They are somewhat delicate so you have to be gentle with them when moving them around. You want to handle them by the connectors and not by the cable itself.
I use JPS cables. Although the original Superconductor is good, more recent versions are better. To my ears the FX is a bit better, and the Superconductor 3 is clearly better.