JPS Labs Superconductor Q

Hi guys. I have a pair of bi wired JPS Labs Superconductor Q speaker cables. The 1/4 " fit my amp but are too small for my speaker posts. Any suggestions?


Great sounding cables...JPS Labs fan here.  Have them re-terminated at JPS w/bigger spades or bananas or what I did years ago.  Unscrewed and removed the binding post of the speakers I had at the time and carefully used a dremel tool w/a cylindrical flat bit and made circumference smaller to accept the spades.  The portion I ground down was the removable part of the binding post which I replaced w/new to not devalue the speakers when I sold them.

I assume you mean 1/4" spades. Can you stick one side of the spade through the hole in the center of the terminal post? This puts the other side of the spade outside the post which can be a problem. However you can cover that part of the spade with electrical tape so as not to cause any shorts. The question is whether it will fit that way since it won't straddle the terminal post. I hope this will work for you.

Thanks everyone. I finally went back and I was able to connect them above that hole in the center.