JPS Labs Superconductor

I own a pair of Mani-2 Signatures and am contemplating weather or not I should go with JPS Labs Superconductor+ Bi-wire with WBT Banana Connector upgrade OR JPS Labs Superconductor2 with jumpers? So basically I am torn between the better quality cable but not being able to bi-wire or step down into what is considered still a very good cable and have the advantage of bi-wire. What do you guys think I should do?
Go with the better, single wire cable, and use better, exceptionally high quality jumpers (solid copper, silver, or a very short length of the Superconductor2 itself). That is the best of both worlds.
Trelja, I will stil not receive the benefeits of bi-wire, so I am not really getting the best of both worlds.
check two...
check three...
Anybody have any input on what I should do?
I think you answered your own question with your 3/31 response. Go with the bi-wire of the + and don't think anymore about it.

Good luck,