JPS Labs (Redkiwi)

Redkiwi, what is your e-mail address? Wondering what you might do with the JPS cables you have "collecting dust" and what all you have. Thanks .... [email protected]
I will have to look in "the cupboard", but I have several lengths of unterminated JPS Superconductor cable, mainly 1 to 2 metres, and one terminated (by JPS) pair of interconnects - I think around 3m or so, RCA. Anyone want some DH Labs interconnects - 2 * 1m pairs in there somewhere too. But I think you were looking for speaker cables - these could be made from my unterminated lengths, but are probably too short. Sorry if this is no good to you. You can get me at "[email protected]".
Redkiwi, I tried to get thru to you with the above e-mail address, but couldn't. Mine is [email protected] .... could you please try to send to me? Wondering what you specifically have, both in speaker cable and interconnects. Thanks, Scott
Hi Scott. I have sent you an email today.
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