JPS Labs power cables

Anyone have any luck with these cables, if so which one? How about the new alumanta cable?
I use their Power AC (amp), Analog AC(preamp), and Digital (DAC) and I noticed improvements in all three spots. I've never read any complaints about their cords and they're usually readily available used. I didn't compare them to any other brands, so I'm no help there.
i am using the kaptivators on my two amps. impressive wire. i am also using thier in the wall power cable to feed my dedicated circut. i now consider this stuff completely essential for any system of quality.
I had the JPS Power AC cord to my amp and heard no difference over the other cheaper cord I was using. I have used JPS interconnects and speaker cords which are stiff to work with but gave sonic improvements.
The manufacturer of my amp recommended the Power AC and I was amazed, especially at about $200 used from Audiogon. The amp is a bipolar (8 pairs of Motorolas), 150 watt, no global feedback design, and had great bass to begin with. I put an Analog on my preamp and was not moved. I put a Digital on my CDP and was not moved. I use a Tice Powerblock in front of the front end, which may diminish the impact of any PC, and my amp is plugged into the wall (dedicated circuit). Always always try before you buy.
I've heard good things about there digital PC, I am looking forward to doing a comparison between the shunyata taipan(more $$), BMI whale elite(also more $$, but less then the shunyata), Nordost El Dorado and the JPS digital PC. I am going to keep the second place winner for my 9000es and the winner is going to the capitole, if nothing else it will take up a little more of my time that I don't have :) I have a funny fealing that the JPS is a good PC for the money, it is less then all the others on my hit list. ~Tim
I have a JPS Labs Power AC, a Tekline PC-12 and a couple Delta Audio Labs PCs. The JPS makes my ARC VT 100 MkII amp sound effortless and unrestrained. The other cords are more than adequate on front end equipment and pre-amp, but cannot quite match the JPS.
I have the JPS Power AC (not the +) and the digital AC. I compared them to the Anlysis Plus Power Ovl, the TG Audio Silver and the Auddience Power Cord. I prefered the JPS cords. There is a very good review of the Analysis Plus cord in SoundStage where the reviewer found the cord to have emphasis in the upper and lower frequency extremes, as I did. The TG Audio is a very good cord and maybe a bit faster than the JPS but overall I loved the JPS midrange and longer decay of notes. It has sounded like the mikes that recorded the music were in different positions with the JPS. Drums had a ring to them like the mike was closer or inside the drum, same with cymbals, very natural and smooth. Vocals like Pat Barber came from a very dark background, very smooth, and had a longer decay. I also compared the cords to the Custom Power Companies Model 11 but that cord made my system sound very muddy in the bass.

I have not compared the higher priced JPS cords but you cannot go wrong with the entry level cords for the used prices they are selling on the Gon.
Hi Pops

I have both the AC power cord and the digital cord. The AC cord is OK but I've heard better in my system. I'm sure it is system dependent though, as some of the above comments will attest. The digital cord is another matter. This cord has filtration and it really offers a quieter, blacker background to digital sources. I highly recommend it.