I have been doing business with a dealer for quite a few years who has earned my trust.

He has never pushed anything on me...only made recommendations based on my wants and budget.

For over a year know he has been recommending the DIGITAL AC power cord for my California Audio Labs CL-10 cd player.

When I asked about the cords for my amp and pre, he stresses that the most dramatic improvement will be noticed by changing just the CL-10's cable w/the JPS.

Any input based on experience??? Thanks!
As with all cables, with PCs home trial in your system is essential. When I tried JPS cables, the most impressive effect I had with amplifier PC. Digital PC caused narrowing of the soundstage. Ask your dealer to borrow whole set of JPS cables and try what you like better.
I have a JPS Labs Digital AC Cord that I am using with a Cal Audio CaL Audio CL2500. The results I felt were very impressive. Better definition and bass response plus the background is much blacker(background noise totally disappears) I would try one.
I use two of the JPS Digital A/C cords. I use one with my Theta Casablance Pre/Pro and one with my Theta DaViD transport. Using the P/C on the pre/pro lowered the noise floor. This was especially benifical to me because I have a fairly high gain through my amplifier. The P/C on the transport had a slightly different effect, one I'm not quite sure how to explain (and I'm sometimes reluctant to talk about it because my engineer friends rag on me because they won't believe anything they can't explain). The P/C on the transport made the music more fluid and smooth. I want to try and explain it as a reduction in the digital jitter but I'm only guessing. As Nar_com suggested have your dealer audition the full range of JPS P/C for your system. I have a power A/C on my amps and found the improvement that Nar_com described there also. I'm a big fan of JPS cables. I don't think you will be disappointed.


Well I have one of the last 10s made and would not even consider using anything other than the Digital AC. Marriage made in heaven. I have dirty power and the difference between stock cord and AC is like night and day. I have read some posts where some say it made things worse????????
Thank you all for your input. I will give the Dig AC an audition.