JPS Lab Superconductor+ speaker cable break-in?

I have about 80 hours on my Superconductor+ speaker cables. I thought they were about broken-in, but now they are sounding bright again and less warm. The details, however are there and the dull phase is over. Can any one share their experience on break-in time for this cable and when it really settles down?
Before concluding the cables are bright you have to do 2 things.
1/ Make sure no power cord is touching any interconnect or speaker cable.
2/ Make sure your binding posts are not loose {the nut on the inside of the plate.

I have a feeling number 1 will surprise you. Good Luck !
I found two points of minimal contact between my interconnects and preamp power cord. I am not sure if the separation helped, but after a few more hours playing time the cable is sounding better again. I understand this cable design gives one a roller coaster ride during the break-in. Thanks for the suggestion.

I have read the same, quite a rollercoaster for awhile. I have owned the SC2 IC's and they were excellent.

Definitely give them more time.