JPS Aluminata or Synergistic Research's Tesla Prec

Hey everyone
Dont have the luxury to demo cables.. also a complete noob !

I currently have the Aluminata IC , PC !

Till recently been reading how amazing the latest Tesla SC are on some of the forums or maybe I'm reading things wrong , I cant be too sure..
I have the Speaker Cables remaining and am about a day or two away from purchasing the Aluminata SC , as I've reached a deal with a member !

What do I do , have you heard both the cables , how would they compare , how far ahead are the latest SR Tesla and would you recommend not to go for the Aluminata SC in your experience ?

Just asking , way confused.. which ever cables grant me an immersing experience !

I've been told the Aluminata's really shine when in set , unlike other cables in some cases..

Excuse the blurriness in my question , your experience would be extremely helpful !!
I have owned both Aluminata and Synergistic cables, though not the SR Tesla, but the Accelerator. My guess, and I emphasize GUESS, is you would have a better chance of achieving synergy by going with all Aluminata instead of inserting the SR Tesla at the end of the chain. If I had a concern, it would be the possibility of having "too much of a good thing" with every cable in the system being the same brand, though numerous audiophiles do claim that is the best way to go. Personally, I don't attest to any absolutes regarding the latter approach or the "mix and match" approach. Since, as you say, you "don't have the luxury to demo cables", your're left with having to take your chances with purchasing. Neither my suggestion nor anyone else's comes with a guarantee of satisfaction. Best of luck though.
Thanks , I'm glad you see where my concern is !
Tho please feel free , that's all I ask..
No rules or playing safe here because playing safe might just be a very costly bet for me , I'm starting to think..

Have you tried mixing SR with the Aluminata's , do they love or hate each other?

(Excuse my horrible english)
Sorry for my long noobish note.. ;(
I'll tell you this , i first did try a Shunyata Diamondback and it did wonders on my system , it introduced me to great sound staging (weather true or fake , it was a splash , I could point where the drums were , I could tell how far or close the mic was from the singer) but all that drove off the bridge @ higher volume with my sold integrated/notes were just too harsh epically @ higher Db and since my speakers are almost always played loud , I became picky and returned it to the store after finding out about the many better ones available !!
Pig I am , plus the dealer was an arrogant swine too.
I turned to the internet , long distance !
Bent on getting cables that could handle higher db's on my system without fail , I started doing my own research..

I bought 2 tester Shunyata Venoms and those were far worse on my system , plus it lost all the qualities that were present in the Diamondback !!
Wasted money there I did..
So the only most neutral/safe sounding option seemed JPS !!
Now I tell u , as amazing as the cables are..
I'll admit , believe it or not , I preferred music staging till @ specific volumes with the Diamondbacks !!
Yes those dirty cheap cables did something magical which my extremely expensive cables didn't , tho the very expensive Aluminata's did nothing wrong !

My Aluminata's are amazing in a completely different way , nothing sounds wrong on my system , movies are a blash , I think these cables are the perfect cinema cables in my view/guessing , since it makes everything sound larger more powerful effortlessly , while maintaing smoothness !
Mids are adequately sharp but smoother higher frequency range especially !
But!!!! for music , I think it doesn't have the fantasy like experience that drove me to spending so much money..
I feel like things could be alot better in the lower frequency range , like I'm missing the radio/record player effect in classic songs like a rust of layer is still waiting to be discovered , I feel the Aluminata's work on the bass response more) , Yo-Yo Ma's tracks (drumming) feels a wee bit less immersive/convincing then it did compared to the very cheap Diamondbacks.. music just doesn't feel like I'm flying through it !
The Aluminata's are amazing dont get me wrong , I'm looking for that through the Aluminata's still (maybe a really high end power conditioner) I want to vastly expand on some of that magic in sound-staging/holographic feel and a cripier lower field..
I want the best of both.. got my self a cheap conditioner for trail and it's added a 3d effect but it still doesn't throw me through into the music..
I'm slightly worried that even after spending extreme amounts of money on the speaker cables I may still be leaps apart from getting there !

Then when I read stuff about SR Tesla , it feels like it does what I've been looking for but since I've already told a friend that I'll buy the Aluminata Speakers from him..
I'm numb now..

Again if I have two Aluminata Cables (PC,IC) it's still something I can keep and not feel bad about , plus it leaves me room to buy into a different loom of cables but having speaker cables worth both the price of PC+IC combined while bring nothing new to the table is going to hurt like hell...

I keep telling me self that maybe if I add the Aluminata speaker cables , this just might pop solving my demands in music.. but then I'm like if it hasn't done that already then it would be safe to assume it wont..
That the refinements added would be a further sharpening of what I already have , better bass , smoother , clearer mids a wee bit more on dynamics but still non of the life like experience I believe I could or should be getting in music..
Probably a noticeable gain in my cinema world but nothing worth dying for in music..

I hope no one buying the Aluminata is turned off by anything I've said , I'm quite numb in the head actually or am probably over stressing obsessing over certain things or maybe I've just got wrong ears/bad taste or even imagining things wrongly !

I know I'm not going to go wrong by getting the Aluminata Speaker Cables generally speaking , since it's amazing in it's own right and a safe way forward in anysystem !
But are there more chances of getting what I want from those or the SR Tesla's ?
Assuming of course !!!

Then comes the question , would getting the SR Tesla cause a mismatch ? :S

Again I'm very sorry for my crappy english and uninteresting long note.
@Opus88 I'm quite glad to see ur vote go towards the Aluminata SC !
Thanks , I'm happy I asked !!!
Sorry for my second very disturbing note , it's a mixture of dead brain cells..

(I just wanted to expand on my situation , incase if some body wanted something extra to work with )
Based on what I gather from your experiences and comments above, you might want to try a slightly mellow or warm sounding speaker cable---something that just might help provide a touch of "romance" to your overall sound by giving you a little more texture or spaciousness through that lower midrange/upper bass region. If you can find a dealer there in England who might be able to let you audition the Cardas Golden Reference, I think it could be worth your while to try it with what you have. You might just like what it provides. If not, you've lost nothing. Again, best of luck.
Marri, just my thoughts on the Synergistic cables.
I have had Nordost and then MIT IC and SC in my system When I went with MIT the PC stayed Nordost The MIT made an improvement. I had a chance to try the new SR Galileo Universal Cells Speaker cables with just their included basik cables. All I can say is WOW. I did not expect that much of a change, let alone for the better. The nice thing about the GUSC is you can use any brand cable with them and get the benefit from them. After that I had a chance to try their power conditioner, Power Cell 10, since upgraded to a Mark II and SR just said a MK III is next. I have had some respected PC in my system and had no complaints but when I put the SR PC in it was very noticeable the improvement it made and I was not the only one to notice.
So the SR cables did play well with others in my system.
I have gone full SR with my IC, SC, and power conditioner. Both cables are the Galileo Universal Cells and the PC is the 10SE MK II. It comes with there top power cord. The only cables I have not changed yet are the power cords but I plan to.
Now I can not compare to the JPS as I have not heard them in my system but I hope I gave some insight on the SR cables. Oh by the way just as a comparison my MIT IC and SC retailed new $5,000 and $8,000. The SR GUC retailed $2,000 and $2,500.
@Opus88 thank you so much , your quite right about me seeking more texture ,you nailed it.
If I ever get the chance will give the Cardas a try..

It's pleasing to get really mature responses here !

I believe ,ur experience is exactly the sort I've been reading all over ,it's what I wish for also!
Whats most attractive is that pricing on SR which isn't that steep , so there's always a way to afford them over most other high end options. Hopefully, I'll get one Power Cell in the near future !
Wonder if the U.S Power Cell's work in europe.. or probably not..
Also will definitely give the SR GUC a go , as soon as I can afford !!
So for stereo , I'll have to buy two SR GUC , one for each line/channel , correct ?

Thank you so much for sharing your experience , it's been quite insightful !!!!

hmm , there seems to be alot of SR power cables out there selling for decent prices on the gon.. quite tempting..
But getting the SR PC runs the potential risk of a mismatch , while the SR GUC will work with my Aluminata SC , so those wont be a waste even with my Aluminata loom in place for the long run..
Marri, the Galileo Cells are sold as pairs. For speakers you will need just one but for sources you will need one from source to preamp and one from preamp to amp. My source is my dac and it has a volume control so I only needed a preamp to amp. Also the speaker cell can be bi wired. Go to the Synergistic web site and you will see the latest versions. If and when, try and go with the active versions as you will get the biggest bang for the money. You will also find a price guide and if you google it you can find an earlier one. They have posted a guide of what they plan on releasing over the next few months under the CES posting. If you can call them they are very willing to guide you for your system and budget. Try Eliot. Right now on Audiogon there are a few Power cell 4 and 10 for sale. If your budget works, go for the 10SE MK II if it is still for sale. SR is coming out with an PC 10SE MKIII as I write this. Check with SR but I believe the PC is not voltage specific, just the cord. But check as I am not sure on that one. You are right to spend your money on the GU speaker cells and use your Aluminata SC with them for now. If you can go for the GUC for the speakers and the PC 10SE MK II. Then go from there. You may find after that you will stay with the Aluminata. SR says many other cables work very well with the GUC. One of my dealer friends love Cardas with the GUC in his system.
Well good luck and post your results after you finish.
Hifial, thanks for clearing that for me... I'll go with the active version then... thanks will check the ones listed here..
I wanted to say it's been great having ur support and help!
Hi everyone

I have a full range of Synergistic cables plus the Powercell and the Acoustic Arts room treatment system all set up....Need I say more :))))

Waiting for the tranquility base to start ship out :)))

What will they think of next I wonder