JPS Aluminata AC : good cable and also to mix ?

I read a few raving comments on JPS' Aluminata Reference AC cable and it seems that a proper review will appear in the April issue of Stereophile.
As there is no chance for me to audition this (expensive) cable, that is, I would have to buy it outright, I'm wondering if some of you could help me lower the bar of hesitation by answering following questions or sharing any other relevant information (and bearing in mind that it will power a Pass X150.5 amp) :
a) how good is this cable (pls define, if possible, what "good" means to you)
b) does is work fine if mixed with other brands (particularly with NBS, pls see description of my set-up further below) or does it require to have an "all-Aluminata" cabling (a "system approach") in order to work properly as some manuf. may tell you ?
c) In case you are an owner of Aluminata : why did ** you ** select JPS Aluminata, what benefits were you expecting and what has been the outcome ? In case you know the NBS brand as well : what additional benefit compared to NBS will I have with the Aluminata ?
Finally a word why I am considering the Aluminata AC : wider soundstage, quieter background compared to NBS.
cheers and thank you

Pro memoria :
Details of my set-up : Shunyata Hydra-8 powering Pass Labs X2.5 & Cary 306 SACD, a dedicated line with Furutech Rhodium socket for Pass Lab X150.5, LS Avalon Opus Ceramique, Stealth Indra (XLR) for amp/pre-amp, NBS Omega I cabling for i/c (XLR), power & speaker cables.
I am building a Mastering Room and Post Production Studio. I will be using all JPS Labs cables. I wanted some cables to put in my system to burn-in so I can get a good handle on what kind of sound I could expect. I asked Joe to send me some Kaptovator cables, but he said he didn't have any in stock. He sent me 2 Aluminata cables instead. I had no inclination that I would think they could justify their price and was just going to audition them for a while and return them when the Kaptovator cables were available.
I have Pass Labs XA-160 amps driving WATT/Puppy 7 speakers. I left for Texas for a week while they were playing. When I returned I finally got a chance to sit and do some critical listening. The first thing I did was accuse the wife of messing with the system. It sounded like someone had turned up the gain on the sub. Let me tell you, the difference is significant! The bass is much more defined. I really didn't hear much difference in the rest of the frequency range, not that it needed it anyway.
Needless to say, Joe isn't getting these back. I will be putting all of the Aluminata cables in my system!