Jplay Mini

I been using Jplay mini in Hibernation mode for a few weeks now and the results are stunning
If you have windows 7 or vista and like me a bit out out of your depth to build a dedicated computer based audio system then this will get you the similar results.
It will work with JRiver ITunes and Foobar as a plug in but the real magic is in full hibernation mould
It will take a ordinary DAC and transform it into something very special
I agree. Just installed and used JPlay Mini in hibernation mode and it's stunning.
Yes if using windows 7 or vista I think this is essential
I also agree. JPlay in hibernation (fullscale) mode is absolutely sublime. It has completely made me rethink what is possible with computer audio.
Question: I tried this mode and indeed the sound is excellent.

My problem is that once it started it continues until it ends. How can you PAUSE the playback(say your phone is ringing) or if impossible to pause, how to STOP this playback?

Thank you !

If it is in hibernation you cannot stop it
The idea is to cut down on what is happening in your computer so nearly all your functions is not working.
This is one of the reasons why it sounds so good
It will make a $300 DAC sound like a $3000 dac and beyond but you sacrifice user control
Johnjc- So do you just create or load a playlist that you want for the evening and select play>>>>then hibernate? and let it do its thing until you need to alter it or access the player? Thanks.

p.s. Is the music playing from the RAM memory? Do you suggest 6 or 8 GB?
I would buy Jplay if it supported MP3 but the majority of my files are in that format(320 kbps whenever possible). MP3's are unavoidable if you like dance music and listen to other DJ's mixes.

I do have higher resolution files but not enough to warrant paying 100 euros for Jplay.

The music does play from memory in hibernation mode. I have 8gb of memory, and the memory set in Jplay to 4gb. I've heard people get good results with 4gb of system ram though. I'd say that would be a baseline minimum though.
Yes think 4gb ram is botton line from what I read for Jplay to function
Jplay will play apple lossless but I rather hear via WAV or FLAC. Like everything depends on personal needs and system
Tom If you copy files you want to play and then press space when in Jplay mini it will play your selection
I'm glad this thread has been opened, I've been thinking about trying JPlay for a couple of months, this thread put it front and center. Just loaded the trial version tonight and its a very nice improvement. I have a cheap dac (Musiland Monitor 02US, asyncronus usb, plays all files 16/44.1 to 24/192 through usb)and I have no idea what a $3000 + dac sounds like, but I have tweeked my pc laptop in everyway that I can think of. This made more improvement than anything that I have done. Previously I had 3gb ram, I increased it to 6, Loaded wasapi, nice improvement, removed virus protection, turned off all unnecessary programs, loaded about 6 different drivers for my dac, JPlay made as much improvement as all the other things combined. I'll probably follow the Euro vs the dollar for a bit, but I can't imagine not pulling the trigger and purchasing this program.
I've been using JPlay for JRiver for a couple of weeks now. I must say I was very skeptical when I downloaded it but my ears quickly put me in my place. There is an ease and naturalness to it's presentation, more of an analog sound than I have experienced from my computer source before. I am extremely pleased and think it's a serious bargain. I tried hibernate mode once but it's a rare occasion that I would be able to deal with no control of playlist and rebooting to make changes, kind of a pain. It did sound better but just not worth the hassle to me, the standard JPlay in JRiver sounds damn good on it's own. I have not tried the mini yet but a good friend of mine swears by it.

Josef and Marcin are great guys too. Very accessible, knowledgeable, helpful and kind. I could tell right off they were audiophiles first:)
full hibernation mode is the best but agree not as flexiable for me the difference is too huge to ignore
Question for you guys, as I stated, I tried this one evening and enjoyed it. Since I have tried several times and have only gotten it to run once. I get very slow and distorted playback. I have changed bit rate around, ram settings, river & beach, hibernation on & off, yet all I get is slow distorted play. One thing I have noticed is that it seems to go to inverted phase on its own everytime I get the slow distorted playback. I have emailed JPlay, they asked me a few questions about settings and equipment, but no response past that yet (weekend). They did say the trial and the full version are identical and I sure don't want to pay $130 for distortion. Has anyone else run into this? Any ideas?
If JPLAY didn't get back to you yet you could delete the current version you have installed of JP & relaod another copy. Make sure you follow the instructions exactly for the installation into JRiver 16 or 17.Good luck!
I have recently had Jplay installed on my custom server by Marcin himself. It sounds so much better than both the Jriver 17 and XXHiEnd that it is almost scary. By far the best 100 euros I have spent on my system so far. Highly recomended !
1.Try deleting current version.
2.Download to a saved file.(do not run from the web)
3.Close all open programs.
4.Open saved file and run EXE program and install.
5.Follow directions closely.
6.Close program and restart the computer and let it load completely, (start-up programs etc.) Usually a few minutes, take your time....
7.Open the program and see what happens... then check for updates.

Best of Luck!
Thanks Tom,
I will try that, I have deleted and downloaded it several times, but always from the download site. I will save it to a file. When I increase the rate to 256, it plays just a bit faster, but still distorted. That is the only setting that made any change. I'm just confused because it did run right off the bat and only once afterward. I've tried it many many times now. I'd like to purchase it. I have switched the configuration to as many possibilities that I can think of. Kills an evening quickly waiting for your computer to reboot with every change. JPlay has not answered after I sent them a response to their questions, If this doesn't work, I will re email them and let everyone know their response. I do really appreciate the advice. Tim
Timlub...try posting in JPlay's forum or the JPlay thread on I posted a question in both and Josef replied and resolved in a matter of minutes.
More good advice, thanks Richard, Tim
Sorry to Johnjc, my intention wasn't to steal your thread. An update, I received an email from Marclin and Josef both, after reading their emails combined with the knowledge of my own laptop...I have come to believe that it is my processor, it is a 3gb dual core 64bit power hog. In High performance mode it drains my battery in about an hour and a half. Not only that but I have had it set up for performance, I am going to change its settings this evening to its most efficient settings and see if it makes a difference. By the way, for you guys that care about service, Josef offered to stay up and link to my computer and personally go through my settings to try to make this work. I am in the mid west, his time zone is a 7 hour difference. Thank you for the input, I'll post one last time with the final outcome.
No worries Tom I think it good to raise questions
I found them very helpful and hope they sort out your issue
Hello everybody,

I'm the co-author of jplay. It's great to see so many guys here enjoy jplay :)


You've never told us what tracks (bit depth, sample rate, format) always produce distortions in your setup and I asked this 3 times :)

Anyway, I've just checked the musiland's specs and it seems that it doesn't support automatic sample rate switching - that's why you experience slow playback... Pls make sure to select the track's sample rate in musiland output settings before starting playback in jplay. That's the only way to make it work.

If anyone wants to ask us anything, just shoot us an email - we're happy to help :)

Thanks Marcin, yes you have asked twice that I saw, I guess my answer of that I have loaded 1 to several tracks at a time, using 16/44.1 all the way through 24/192 was not what you were looking for. I have not said anything about setting my bit rate on the Musiland though. I have set the Musiland at 16/44 and at 24/96 and at 24/192 to match bit & sample of the tracks that I was listening to without success. So I don't think that was upconverting was the issue. When I cut my processor by 50%, I was able to listen twice more, then back to distorted play. Also as I explained in my emails @ 256, it plays at full speed, but still distorted. Hopefully this straightens out some mis communication.
JPlay is running, thank you all... The Problem?
Running Win 7, Foobar, Musiland w/wasapi out.
Marcin sent me an email that said to use Kernal streaming instead of wasapi. I looked at all my choices that were loaded in Foobar and Kernal Streaming wasn't even there. I went to the Foobar web site and found a Kernal Streaming add on, Loaded and everything fired up.
I don't have any idea what it could be, but there was something additional within that download, because since downloading and running Kernal Streaming, I can now switch to wasapi and it runs fine also. I have done 5 or 6 different downloads and have run them through wasapi out just fine. I hope my misfortune getting this set up and running might help someone in the future... Tim