JPL v Transparent cables

Hi all,

I am looking for help in deciding what route to take with cables. I have a mixed set of Transparent, IC Ultra & Ultra xl with speakers on Ref. xl.

I am thinking of the JPL SC 3 and perhaps their good AC cord. I like what i have read about them and are reasonable in priced, if they do what they say. The upgrade prog. from TA is costly and not all my cables would qualify as the were second-hand.

My system is a little old now 15 years, a Wadia 6, Mark Levinson 38 & 23 with Genesis 4 speaker, but they have some years left i think if i get the cables to match through and perhaps a new front end.

I read reviews but they never give much comparisons to other cables.
I've never heard of any JPL cables. Don't you mean JPS Superconductor 3? If so, I presently own the SC3 speaker cables. They are very well balanced, extended without being bright, and have extremely fine presence. I have also owned the JPS Aluminata interconnect, their top of the line cable whose price, I beleive, is beyond what you're considering.