Joy of cleaning connections with Caig Labs R5

I have not used a contact enhancer for ages. Many years ago I tried TWEEK, but when I spilled the bottle, it ended my interest.
I recently aquired some (old old) Mangepan MGIIbs and they have a lot of jumpers in the back of each speaker 3 banana pair jumpers, the cable banana pair, and a fuse on each speaker!
So I decided to send for some CAIG Labs stuff.
The R5 Power boster is a cleaner and contact enhancer.
I did all the connections and a good improvement in transient speed and clarity is evident in the better sound from the speakers!
(I am not an owner nor stockholder in any company directly or indirectly connected to Caig Labs nor any sales company that could profit from this endorsment)
This is one of those tweaky little areas that I've avoided getting into all this time, but probably ought to check out before they come to take away my audiogeek membership card... :-)
What happened when you spilled the bottle of TWEEK?
I agree about the Caig R5 booster/cleaner.It makes nice improvement on all connections.A cool test that Caig has is to get a flashlight that has a dim light from old batteries. Put a little Caig R5 on the battery ends.Watch how much stronger and whiter the light beam becomes. Amazing tweak stuff.
One thing I've wondered about this stuff - meaning the Caig line and maybe a couple others - is that there's, what?, at least 3 different kinds of cleaner/restorer/booster/whatever being hawked here - is all this variety (read: expense, hassle) really necessary?
It is a hassle but I just cleaned my connections on my directv dish - all of the ones outside. I used a cheap one from Radio Shack. It made a pretty big difference on the picture and sound of my Pioneer Elite TV. In fact, I've had to recalibrate it because it is so sensitive to input signal changes. I hate doing it on my audio rig because it is such a PITA but it does make a small difference for the better IMO.