Joule vzn 80 or 100 for merlins?

I am most likely going to go for a joule amp to drive my merlins but was wondering if the vzn 80's are going to be enough if I listen to opera at some what loud volumes. What about the stargates and heavengates are they worth considering?
There is a thread here somewhere in which Bobby recommends someone to get the "music box" version if possible because the standard one sounds a little fuzzy and indistinct by comparison. You'd have to search "Merlin speakers" to get the exact quote, but coincidently enough, Joule Electra just this month in TAS has an ad for the "music box" case and shows it. Interesting and I'd love to try one out someday.
Tomryan, if it sounds that much better then it really must be something. My speakers are going from 'SE' version to 'MM' version soon and he raves about that difference. Perhaps that sort of combo (MM or MX) is where he realizes the significant difference in the musicwood chassis? I'd definitely like to hear it as well.

But like I suggested, just the "plain Jane" vzn with merlins is so damn good...
Well, this may be a little too late, but here is my take anyway. I use the Stargates to drive my Merlin VSMs and they sound terrific! More power than I need, although not the best in bass slam, voices and accoustic music is stunning with this combination. Audiomax is certainly incorrect in his assessment. The Stargates can drive the VSMs very easily.

In fact, they are among the amps Bobby recommends as great fits for his speakers and Jud has used them on his VSMs. So I bought mine as per the direct recommendation of the designers of both pieces of equipment. I don;t think you could get any better endorsement.

Happy Listening!