Joule phono stage/ Enough gain for .2mv cartridge

Wondering if anyone knows if the LA-150P would have enough gain for Koetsu Jade. Has anyone had success with the Joule phono stage running any cartridge with this low of an output. FWIW, I believe the Jade is speced at .25mv
Yes it would.
Thanks Sounds real audio. Did you or any of your customers use something comparable to the Jade with the Joule's phono section.
Dear Fjn04: +++++ " Yes it would " +++++

IMHO this kind of answer does not put things on the right/responsible perspective specially with that Jade cartridge.
Please read how the Joule works with a low output cartridge like the Dyna Te Kitora that has a similar Jade output level:

+++++ " I suspected that the lower output of the Te Kaitora was delving into uncomfortable gain territory for the OPS-2 Mk V.

I shot off an e-mail to Jud Barber and asked for his opinion on the matter. He commented that the lowest-output cartridge he had personally used with the OPS-2 Mk V was a .4mV Cardas Heart, and that a .25mV output cartridge may well not be enough for the OPS-2 Mk V to handle comfortably. My experience concurs -- consider a minimum of .33mV output if you want to hear the OPS-2 Mk V (and your LPs) at their best. While the difference between these output levels may seem trivial, consider that the .33mV output is nearly 25% higher than the .25mV output. And at this signal level, thatÂ’s significant. " +++++

This high-light comes from a Soundstage review on the Joule phono stage that is similar in your LA-150P. I have to say that the reviewer was using a line stage that has/had more gain that the line stage on your Joule unit.

I think that that Koetsu cartridge can be better " serve " for a different device than the Joule one.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Thanks for that info Raul. FWIW, I do not own the LA-150II, but have been considering trying it. I am trying to gather canditates in the 8-12K range which will have the gain for .25mv cartridges. I am thinking tube, with the flexibility of adjustable loading. I know there are a few units that also allow the bypassing of the built in transformers. The EAR units come to mind first. Granted, I may not find a unit that will have enough gain without using the transformer. However, that option will be there in case I ad or move to, say a .4 or .5 mv cartridge.

I think you would be very happy with the Art Audio Reference Phono stage. Joe Fratus can make you a custom one at no up charge that would work well. A really fine unit.I have used the older LAP-150 with a Dynavector low output cartridge, but it has been a while.
sounds real is an Art Audio dealer which should have been disclosed.

But it never is in this and other threads.