Joule LA 100 mkIII and Bat VK 60?

Just curious as to what everyone thinks about this combo and if anyone has ever used it? I have a pair of Merlin VSM MM's and a Joule LA 100 MKIII with a Berning EA-230 and a Sony SCD 555 ES cd player. Sounds good to me right now - but was wondering if it could be better. Can't afford the OTL amps - maybe a Berning that was priced right - but otherwise, not in my price range. Any thoughts are welcome

Hello Cooper, What is your question?
"Any thoughts are welcome" - I have none of interest to this you but one observation I can offer - it is well known that Merlin speakers and Joule-Electra power amp is match made in heaven. Both companies even demo their equipment together at CES, RMAF etc. You have Jou;e-Electra not pwer amp but...preamp and I do not believe its the same.
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VK60 has good power & tone for Merlin VSM & can be significantly improved with DIY mods similar to my VK75SE.

yup - i have a joule preamp and a berning amplifier (ea 230) - the question was regarding a BAT VK 60 amplifier with the Joule preamp and if anyone ever used this combo. I may go SET low wattage (thats a new twist), but I'm not sure yet.
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I would ask Bobby P. I suspect this would not be an ideal amp with the Merlins. Yes, the Berning Z270 would be great. I would look for an EL34 based amp for the Merlins if I could not go the OTL route.
I agree with Pubul57
Perhaps, I would add, if merlin can be run with relatively low power - I like EL84 even more then EL34 and if you can get EL84 tube power amp with enough power it also can be magical experience - if you cannot go the OTL route, of course
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Yes, the Music Reference RM10, which is being sold now for $1,495 for a limited time runs EL84 and it was a marvelous amp with the Merlins. Absolutely a good idea, that EL84, probaly someting by Manley would also be worth looking into, I think they us EL84 as well. The 35 watts from the RM10 was more than enough power to drive the Merlins, at least for my taste. Now, a used RM9, if they ever come up, that would be a step up IMHO - but these amps will match up well with Merlin.