Joule Elektra 150 MK ii v Jeff Rowland Synergy 2i

Would really appreciate any inputs from you on the performance comparison you have come across between these two great preamps.
Thank you.
I owned Jeff Rowland Capri preamp and was rather happy with it. However, when I got Joule-Electra LA-300 preamp I learned what "sonic paradise" is all about.... No comparison between two. These both preaamps are similar to that you asked.

I think it comes down to comparing tube to solid state. I do not own the Jeff Roland but have heard it. I own the Joule Electra LAP 150 MKII(soon to be Signature) and would not give it up.
"....price wise one cannot compare the LA 300 to the Jeff Rowland "

Its not exactly true statement. I paid for my Capri quite a bit and Joule-Electra have many promotions.

At worst, instead of LA-300 you can get LA-150 SE as Coxhous did and you will have 85% and half price of "300". Even entry level LA-150 Mk2 will bring you to increadible musical involving level of listening to music. These preamps do not need much attention, 24/7 are warmed-up, you need re-tubing once in 5-10 years, highly relaiable etc.

Slighly off topic: any benefits in the upper frequency range when going from a LA-150 SE to LA-300? I know the bass is supposed to be much better and it maybe just a tube characteristic in general, but I yearn for more highs & air.
"...any benefits in the upper frequency range when going from a LA-150 SE to LA-300? "

If there is it should be very minimal - as tubes and signal capacitors including bypass capacitors are identical in both models