Joule-Electra preamp/Modwright amp combo?

I just got a Modwright KWA 150 solid state power amplifier and am considering the Joule-Electra LA-150 MKII Signature Edition to use with it. Would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who has tried this combination or a Joule-Electra preamp with a similar solid state amplifier.

I am also considering one of the Modwright preamps which are designed to work with the Modwright amplifier, but the Joule-Electra fascinates me.

Thank You
Modwright KWA 150 is fine power amplifier for right speakers and I am sure you will enjoy it many, many years.

Regarding preamplifiers, both Modwright and Joule-Electra are simply, IMHO, in different classes. While Modwright preamp will serve you well and deliver all kind of signal (loud or not, bass singer or cowgirl singing) correctly, with J-E is different, entirely different picture. You are grabbed by music, you live within music, you can't stop listening to the music...etc. My friend own LA-150 Signature Edition while I owned LA-300ME (now I am in heaven with "450") and sound-wise both "150SE" and "300" are very, very close. "300" has more finesse...but it should for almost twice the price.

All The Best In Your Search

Thank You very much for your appraisal of these two preamps. The Modwright/Joule-Electra pairing seems to be exceedingly rare - or those with it cannot stop listening long enough to visit Audiogon forums. What amplifiers do you and your friend use with the Joule-Electra preamps?
I thought of trying the Modwright KAW 150 with my Joule LAP-150 mk2 just never did it but the match looks good on paper. The Joule is a wonderful preamp and with the SS amps I've tried the sound benefited from the Joule's tubes while remaining fast and full, the sound wasn't slow and/or bloated. The mk2 Sig might be even better. I've been happy with sound of the 150 with my Joule VZN-160's I never felt the need to "upgrade" to the Sig!!!
" What amplifiers do you and your friend use with the Joule-Electra preamps?"

I use Spectron monoblocks because I have "Sasha" speakers - most power hungry in Wilson line of speakers and the combo is FANTASTIC. One of my friends has MBL-101E, another Apogee Scintialla - all needed hugely powerful amps.