Joule Electra La-150 MK2

Does this preamp have the ability for gain adjustment as did the La-150 via internal circuit board?
Yes. The gain selector is located on the right side of the Phono board inside the preamp and should be in for 36db and out for 62 db of gain. Of course this applies only to the LAP-150 which has a phono section. The LA-150 is only a line stage preamp. By the way I have had a Joule preamp for a number of years starting with the LAP-100 and now have the LAP-150 MKII and have been very happy with them.
Donaudio: So, I won't have that adjustment on my LA-150 MK2?
You would have to call Jud Barber at Joule and ask him but the adjustment is on the phono board. Don
Don, I think Adampeter is refering to the Gain levels (4db versus 8db) in the line stage, not phono stage. The original LA150 mk1 used a jumper in the line stage on the line stage circuit board near the gain tubes, one for each channel.

As oppossed to the phono MM vs MC switch of the ops1/ops2 phono preamp.
Yes, Monk that is what I am referring to.

When all else fails look at the instruction manual. I finally did this and on page 6 it says the gain is 8 db. It also shows a diagram with a jumper in place for this. If 4 db of gain is wanted just remove the jumper. Don