Joule Electra LA 150

Opinions on the Joule Electra LA 150 LS. Would be using with Berning ZH 270 driving Merlin VSM M.
I have not heard the combo, but it is a nice preamp. The combo might sound terrific.
LA 100 MkIII is my absolute reference line stage: dynamic, smooth, detailed and with wonderful midrange liquidity and richness. I heard the LA 150 and thought it was very similar in overall character, perhaps a little drier and with a touch more "air". I'm sure you would be very happy with any of them.
I use this exact combination of products and could not be happier. I agree with markxiii that the LA150 is drier than the LA100 but with more air and more extension. I find the LA150 suits me better, although I never heard the LA100 with the berning amp and VSM-M. At the time I had the LA100 which I used it with a VZN-80 and the VSM-M speakers.
Stop it. All of you. You are going to make me sell my Rogue stuff and mortgage the house form some Joule-Electra gear.

My VSM-M's already have that sad puppy dog face on. They want a Cherry red cousin.
Does the LA150 have remote control? What tubes does it use?
What does it sell for and can anyone recommend a good dealer? Thanks, people.