Joule electra la 100 m111 Please recommend replacement volume potentiometer .

Hi There first-time poster,  I have a Joule Electra LA 100- m111 and lately the volume potentiometer is going crazy fluctuating the volume, I've tried contact cleaner and air with no luck so I'm assuming I'll need to replace the pot. According to my manual, it came with a motorized Noble quad circuit potentiometer, I 've done a little research and it looks like Noble is out of business  so I'm hoping someone in the community  can recommend a compatible replacement, also can I get away with a dual circuit non motorized pot as I really don't use the remote much at all. 
Contact Signature Sound Rick Brkich, who's name I may be misspelling, services Joule Electra products.
I would be interested on what you find out and would appreciate it if you would post your findings.

I figured I would put in a little more info on my situation. I have a LA-100 that was converted to LA-150 and there' occasionally some static when the volume knob is turned. I found these a while back and I was going to contact Rick to see if it was a good fit. This post pushed me to do it and now I've just sent him an e-mail.  I will post what I hear back.
jdodmead you probably just have a dirty volume pot are you able to clean it? That may be all you need and its basically a free fix.
I had a chance to speak with Rich from Sigsound on Saturday and he told me that he's never replaced a volume potentiometer on a joule  LA 100 only a balance potentiometer, he recommended searching on e-bay as well  and said he figures that it was wired in parallel and that I could get away with a dual gang either with motor or without motor. I've spoken to a few others who highly recommend cleaning the pot with Deoxit D5 and with tapered electrical swabs really well before purchasing a new replacement , the product I have is cleaner but they said nothing works as good as Deoxit especially if you can get a small swab to fit in the openings and really give it a good cleaning, they've cleaned a lot of different pots and were able to get them to work well as new. 
  Thx I'll keep you posted once I track down some Deoxit D5 and clean the potentiometer. 
If the cleaning doesn't work and you end up replacing the pot any good local tech should be able to do that.
If the original part has any gaps that are openings to the inside, then Deoxit in the green spray can can be used- no swaps needed, just a quick burst though the straw (included with the can) into the opening. Then you work the control back and forth a few times and see how it works. Just a quick burst- excess can make a real mess!
albert, I don't believe there are openings in the control to allow access with a Q-tip/swab.  Most likely using the red extension tube to direct spray into the openings, then rapid back-and-forth rotation of the knob will be your best bet.

Good luck.