Joule Electra Amp Repair

My Stargate amps need to be gone through. Anyone know a Joule repair person on the west coast? Trying to keep shipping costs down.
If you're on the east coast, I from what I've read Signature Sound can help you.
On the west coast, I successfully had a VZN-80 resurrected from a completely inoperable state by George Meyer AV.

I should mention that nobody, not even The Service Department, has schematics for these amps. They don't exist. At least that's the story for the OTL's. Stargates are even older, yes?

But man oh man, they are worth it.
My understanding is, and I might be wrong, that Judd is semi-retired
My understanding is Judd has passed away but I'm not positive,cheers,Bob
How long ago did George Meyer work on the VZN-80 ?
Samhar, this was May of 2014. I was in their shop earlier this year and they were working on a pair of VZN-100 monoblocks as well.