Joule Electra Amp Repair

My Stargate amps need to be gone through. Anyone know a Joule repair person on the west coast? Trying to keep shipping costs down.
Unfortunately, the best guy out there is in Upstate New York!

I believe the town is Livingston but you can still call J.E."s number for full info...
I did and he performed great work on my Marianne Edition preamp and phono amp.
Scott frankland in San Jose is great

I just called Joule Electra and a lady answered and said they are closed for business. I asked for Simon Thacher and she was quite abrupt and insisted they are closed for business. UP until Jan 2015, I was communicating with Simon vai email to get my LA-300ME upgraded to platinum edition and then communications stopped. Does anyone know where I can get my LA-300ME upgraded. Has anyone done so? Please share your experience on whether this is a worthwhile upgrade.
Unfortunately Joule Electra has been out of circulation for some time and while Simon Thatcher was assisting with service it was mentioned on another thread here that he recently passed away. Perhaps try Rich Brkich at Sound by Singer. He was a Joule dealer and is known to assist existing Joule owners.
Try Signature Sound in Rochester. There is post saying they repaired a JE amp.
Sorry got my dealers mixed up. Rich is with Signature Sound. I am pretty sure he can help.
Unfortunately, Simon Thatcher, who was my personal friend as well, had passed away not long ago.
He was a forefront for Joule Electra for quite some time, with Judd Barber being in charge of the production side of things.
If you need help with JE amps we can certainly assist.
Hi Maril555,

Sorry to hear about Simon. We were communicating in Jan this year about upgrading my LA-300ME to Platinum edition and then all went quiet. Is Judd Barber still active?

Hi Atmaspehere,

Can you upgrade the LA-300ME to platinum edition?
If you're on the east coast, I from what I've read Signature Sound can help you.
On the west coast, I successfully had a VZN-80 resurrected from a completely inoperable state by George Meyer AV.

I should mention that nobody, not even The Service Department, has schematics for these amps. They don't exist. At least that's the story for the OTL's. Stargates are even older, yes?

But man oh man, they are worth it.
My understanding is, and I might be wrong, that Judd is semi-retired
My understanding is Judd has passed away but I'm not positive,cheers,Bob
How long ago did George Meyer work on the VZN-80 ?
Samhar, this was May of 2014. I was in their shop earlier this year and they were working on a pair of VZN-100 monoblocks as well.
Ddriveman, we could if we knew what the renovation entailed. Speaking from a lot of experience the area though, even if we did all that is known it likely would not be the same. This is because there are always nuances that are not usually not obvious to someone not intimately familiar with the equipment.
Thank you I'm going talk with them about my VZN 160 Mk V's, it needs one new tube socket