Joule Electra 100 mkiii vs. Musical Fidelity A3cr

I have narrowed my preamp search down to one of these: Joule Electra 100 mkiii OR Musical Fidelity A3cr. One of these will be in front of a Cary V12i tube amp, and Maggie 1.6 speakers. I'm interested mostly in getting the widest/deepest soundstage with tube warmth. Your experienced opinions are much appreciated.
By the way, the Cary's input impedance is 150k ohms, the Joule's output is 350ohms, and I can't for the life of me find the Musical Fidelity's output in ohms.
Based on what you are looking for, the Joule is the obvious choice. The impedance issues here are no issue - your amp can be driven by any preamp.
Thanks, Pubul57. After more research, I'll throw in the VTL TL-2.5 also. Anyone think the VTL would have a great advantage over the Joule?
The Joule will give you more tube warmth - in a good way. Especially the older 100 series units - but I can't you wouldn't be happy with either unit. Why not consider a Cary pre?
I owned the V12i and ran it with a Cary SLP-98 and Joule Electra LA-100 MkIII. I had both preamps at the same time so I was able to do side by side comparisons. To me the Joule was a better fit. The Cary combo was just too much of the Cary house sound for me. The Joule was also more musical IMO.