Joss Stone - Soul Sessions

Anyone heard this? If you haven't you are missing quite a fun, funky romp! Joss is 16, from the UK, and belts it out like like the best mature Chicago blues women. Buy it.
I couldn't agree more. I've had it for about a month and its awesome. hard to imagine she's only 16. Blue-eyed soul with soul!!! Anyone got any other similar suggestions? She reminds me some of Tracy Nelson meets Eva Cassady.
...And it is only 8.99 at Target right now.
Beat ya' Got mine for $7.99 at Borders. Heard a pre-release promo on NPR and had to have it.
I hope she has plans for more. Considering the discounts, It seems that her CD may not be selling. It would fun to hear her live.
She was on in Toronto last month LIVE on radio 104.5 FM with Roger Ashby and sang several samples. When Roger arrived she was sleeping on the sofa in the lounge and 10 minutes later was in their mini-studio singing live on air. A young woman to watch for. English accent (of course) when she speaks. The voice is distinctive without being brash. All covers of early R&B greats. Apparently she always listened to these artists during her formative years. Buy it!
Saw her on the Kennedy Center Honors tribute to James Brown. Couldn't believe the emotion/soul she sang with. Amazing voice.

I wouldn't associate the discounts of this album with Joss's quality of performance or number of discs that she will sell. I bought my wife's copy of Norah Jones' "Come Away with Me" album at Target when it first came out for $8.99, also. I think we all know that Norah ended up selling a few copies of that album and it is a very popular album.
O/T - Just out of curiosity, has anyone seen "Standing in the Shadows of Motown"? I was contemplating buying the 2 DVD set, based on reviews I've read (only $12 at a local store going out of business - although I think it's cheaper at Amazon. Still - instant gratification, you know).

It's a documentary of the "Funk Brothers" - basically the session musicians behind all things early Motown. Combines interviews with the bros themselves and various musicians, dramatic "re-enactments", and live concert footage of a reunion concert with various artists (Joan Osborne, Chaka Khan, Ben Harper, Bootsy Collins among others) covering Motown standards with the Funk Bros in the background.

Anyone care to comment on it?
I've seen bits and pieces and I would say that it is worth having.