Jospeh Audio Pearl3 or Rockport Atria

I am looking for compact floorstanders. Recently heard the Rockport Avior ($30,000) at show, and was immensely impressed. They are too big for my room.
I will go hear the Atria ($20,000) which seems attractively priced, relatively of course, and more compact. Wondering if anyone has an opinion about Atria comparing to another similarly sized floorstander, the Joseph Pearl3?
I actually prefer the Atria over the Avior in modest sized rooms. We have both at our store (we are a Rockport dealer located in Southern CA). I am not a dealer for Joseph Audio, but have heard them at shows (not a proper place to seriously audition gear) but they sounded very good.
Kwb, I am also interested in Rockports as well as Magico and Verity. My guess is the Atria would be a good fit for my room which is 13.5 ft x 20.5 ft with 8 ft ceilings....thoughts? Thanks.
Hey Goose, not sure what your room looks like, but mathematically it would work well with the Atria. I have had the Avior and Atria in a 14x23x9 room and preferred the Atria in many ways. If the room were slightly larger the Avior might be a better choice, We have them both here in SoCal if you want to hear them.
Heard the Atria liked Magico S3 and Q3 much better more musical etc.
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Have any of you guys seen / hear the Pearl3 at a dealer/retailer? If so, which one and location ?
Happy Listening!
Joseph Audio demonstrates a lot at the audio shows.
I just saw their demonstrating their speakers at the NY Audio show in Brooklyn this month in late September.
The Pearls were at the NY Audio show in 2013.
I would email them if the Pearls will be at this NY Audio show

New York Marriott at the Brooklyn B 333 Adams Street
New York, NY 11201
New York Audio Show '14
Fri. Sep 26, 2014 at 2:00pm - Sun. Sep 28, 2014 at 5:00pm
Well A/C season is coming to an end so I will soon be auditioning the Rockport Avior, Magico S5 & Q3 in earnest to see what will replace my Verity Sarastro II. I have done a little preliminary listening and really like the Rockport Avior as they seem to move more air than the Magico speakers but need to play more different types of music before making final choice. I have not listened to the Joseph Pearl 3 so have not input for them. The Atria also sounded very good but with my room size and volume I like to listen at the Avior will work better for me I think at this time. Again I have not had the time to listen to any of these speakers enough to make my final decision.
Hevac1, I would be interested in knowing what is compelling you to switch from the Verity Sarastro. Is there something that others may do that the Sarastro's aren't doing or doing as well as you would like?
Best of luck in your auditioning.
If you need any inputs on the Aviors, will be happy to chime in
08-20-14: Ebm
Your the big expert when you get a real system let me know!!
I am 100% behind you on this one Ebm. You made a perfectly reasonable comment about Magico and Shakeydeal dismsissed your comment out of hand and labelled you a "fanboi". Some would call that trolling..
Shakeydeal, the fact is you attacked a member who posted a rational
comment which I for one had no problem with, then attacked
another member for posting a comment in thier defense. Some would call
that bullying.
You call that an attack? Seriously?

I am sorry if your self esteem was somehow damaged. If your skin is that thin, perhaps the internet is not for you.

+1 Shakey
If the childish can leave we can get back to biz. At a given price point I would hope ROCKPORT TECHNOLOGIES stated attention to detail would create better a more inert cabinet and better pair matching, therefore tighter frequency response,better imaging, nuance, dynamics?
Shakeydeal, trolling is against Audiogon's TOS. I'd add to that trolls will never admit that they troll other members, and typically have many supporters. Your continued disparaging remarks toward anyone defending your target is classic trolling behavior.
Shakey, I don't know the history between you and Ebm, but I don't accept your definition of trolling and your disparaging remarks toward me and the other member. I am just commenting on what i've read in this thread on face value. That said, Ebm also posted one comment in response which should be removed by the mods in my view.
There is no way they move more air. These are 2 X 8” vs. 2 X 10”. Rockport calls it 9” but it is basically an 8” driver with less excursion then the Magico 10”. It is the port you are hearing. You may like that sound, but don’t fool yourself into thinking you are moving more air. The S5 will also go lower and will play louder and cleaner. It is also more efficient.
Why not STOP messing with this guys thread. He is just trying to get some info. There is more crap about trolling than people giving help and at this rate people will stop trying to help because of all of this shit they have to read through that has nothing to do with the subject.
Thanks for your thoughtful words Hevac, and yes let's get back to helping the OP.
Well ... I guess this particular group has no moderator. This kind of crap thread derailement gets through when I ask perfectly reasonable questions on other AG forums and never see my post again!

As for the original question - keep auditioning, that's the only way you can really make a personal decision. Audition in your room if you can find a dealer who will let you, or buy used at a discount and be reasonably assured of a fair resale value if you don't like what you hear.