Joshua Tree vinyl

Anyone hear the new vinyl remaster against new, old or other cd?
I bought the remastered Vinyl and I definitely think it an improvement on the CD, which IMO, is lacking low end, rhythm, pace, and imaging. I bought my copy from acoustic sounds and they are shipped well but my copy is not perfectly flat (bummer). So in summary: an improvement on the CD but not a reference recording for the ultimate U2 enthusiast. Warning: I have a modest Music Hall TT w/Belari phonostage; Ayre K5-xe; Ayre V-5xe. As always YMMV
I got it a couple weeks ago. My findings pretty much echo Wera139 findings. Better than the CD, will have me listening to it more than I would have, but not a great recording.
Thanks guys. Looks like I'll buy it. I just won't expect too much.