Joseph vs Legacy in 7K range?

Any thoughts? What's the difference? Who prefers which?

I am inexpert and ill-informed, just so you know.

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you really cant compare those two


for 7k to 9k  with Joseph you are getting a high performance monitor, with limited bass moderate efficiency and average power handling.


pulsar graphene

  • Bookshelf
  • Frequency Response42 Hz - 20 kHz ± 2 db
  • Weight36 lb (each.



with Legacy for 7k or so you can get a set of signatures: high power handling full range bass down to 22hz.


legacy Signatures

  • Frequency Response22 Hz -30 kHz ± 2 dB
  • Amplifier Power20 - 300 watts
  • Sensitivity92 dB (2.83 V / 1m)
  • Dimensions48" h x 12" w x 13.75" d
  • Weight106 lb 




if you have a small to mediuim sized room josephs

if you have a larger room, play loud, love deep bass legacys

Dave and troy

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Legacy dealers





Joseph is special but will require subs

Legacy- yes they go low.

Two different design philosophies and sound. Only you can know which you prefer through a proper audition. Picking speakers based on the opinions on this site is a recipe for disaster since speaker choice is your most important decision; it will define the sound of your system regardless of what you do with source and amplification. Finding the right amplification match for the speakers you choose is the second most important decision and, again, only one you can make with your speakers in your room with your ears.

I've heard both brands set up properly in good rooms and liked both for what they did well but, in the end, found other brands that I prefer in my rooms to my ears.

@audiotroy you really cant compare those two


You kinda just did.....

I think audiotroy meant that you cannot equate the two. 

Consider the influence of driver size, which is pervasive. 

It doesn't matter the company or pedigree. There is no replacing the effect of larger driver surface area. Acreage is critical to having a speaker sound more relaxed and prodigious, especially as listening level increases. I have no interest in debating this point. 

Soft dome and ribbon tweeters will tend to sound more similar than dissimilar as opposed to a ring radiator or larger ribbon tweeter. 

The Legacy is going to sound much larger, much more prodigious and dynamically impactful. The Joseph is going to wow for its size because the bass is MIA, so the soundstage will seem inflated, much larger. That is misperception due to the incongruence of the speaker size relative to soundstage, so do not be fooled by it. Again, whether dealer or hobbyist, I have no desire to debate my description of these speakers. As they say, YMMV 

If you don't want appreciable low end, then disregard the difference in bass (or mid-bass in the case of the Joseph monitor) sizes. Perception of the rest is going to be subjective. If you want a nice, pretty, restricted speaker system, the Joseph will be good. If you want a more immersive experience with much more grand character, you do the Legacy.  Some want a luxury car, and some want a well appointed SUV.  :)

Thanks, everyone. There is a clear consensus delineating the two speakers and now I know what I wished to know.

Read reviews and pick the one that provides the sound qualities you’re most looking for.  The Legacy is obviously the choice if you want a more full-range speaker and don’t want to add subwoofers, but the Pulsar is no slouch in the bass department and many are very happy with them just as they are.  Both are excellent, so it comes down to your personal tastes and requirements and nobody here can tell you that. 

Joseph Audio while maybe not overrated, are way overpriced. (They are good, but simply overpriced for what you get).


Legacy (go find a barely used Focus SE for your price, which is doable) - way more fun than the Joseph Audio.

Just don't see why people pay exorbitant prices for monitors, unless they don't have the room for something bigger and they want to hide a sub in the room.


Get some bass for your $$.



Maybe ATroy meant YOU can't compare them, but I am about to do literally just that.  Compare them!  😂

I have barn with few cars and look for larger speaker on cheaper money. Can you there advice is the legacy has good clean detail that make player in room? Cheaper speaker always have flaw can tell me downside. It sound lively?

As an owner of the JA Pulsars (v1), I can tell you that a sub is unnecessary with them in a small to medium sized room. In fact, I am considering selling my JL Audio e110 subwoofer because the bass of the Pulsars is plenty in my small room (10x9x8). As for sound, it is glorious from the Pulsars.

FYI, Joseph Audio make a 7k floorstander "Profile" and Legacy audio make a 6k+ standmount speaker "Calibre"


I would consider the comparison of the Calibre to the Profile to be the inverse of what would be expected typically in comparison of a bookshelf speaker to a tower speaker. A breakdown of these two could be instructive.

The Profile is said by Joseph Audio to provide a "broad, deep sonic landscape", is 39" tall (imo not taller than a bookshelf on a stand), and weighs 47 pounds. Not much of a floor stander, imo. The broad and deep description should not be understood as affecting the frequency spectrum, i.e. lower bass. Fancy words can lead people to expectations that may not be fulfilled. I have nothing against Joseph Audio in regards to this; I would analyze any speaker company’s product similarly.

As for the Calibre, it comes with internal amplification - the Calibre XD active which is about 7.5K. So, there is no equivalency between these speakers for a distinct reason. With the Legacy speaker one gets amplification in the deal as well, versus having to spend for amplification for the Joseph Audio speaker. Note that the specs are nearly identical for the Calibre and the Joesph Audio. Ergo, one gets what I would call marginal benefit in terms of specs in moving to the Profile, considering that the Pulsar is 42dB. However, I would expect the Puslar to be holistically supeirior to the Profile across the frequency spectrum. The difference in frequency response between the Calibre and the Signature SE is 16dB, a veritable rift valley of deeper sound. The Calibre XD weighs more than the Profile.

I encourage all audiophiles to learn to understand frequency response specs, as this WILL dictate the experience regardless of the brand and model of speaker selected. Also, generally, the size of drivers has a pervasive influence upon the sense of ease of a speaker’s sound, the larger the drivers typically yielding a more relaxed sound at higher listening levels. Some audiophiles are sensitive to this and others less so.

imhifiman again as a legacy dealer the popular legacy is the signature which sounds as good or better then many 10 -12k loudspeakers and at 7k is a screaming good deal


the calibre is a specialty compact legacy however for its roughly 5,500 price rarely gets purchased vs the larger signatures.


and in terms of performance offers similar legacy virtues high efficiency deep bass, and high power handeling


the take away is the legacy signatures are very special loudspeakers for the price.


Dave and troy

Audio intellect nj

legacy dealers

Salk Audio Song3 Encore for under $7000

My Legacy Calibre XD's are very impressive speakers. I do use a sub but I have to be careful not to rattle pictures off the wall and get served with divorce papers. I'm sure the Signatures are amazing. I like being able to turn the sub down when needed. I bi amp my Calibres with a Rogue Cronus Magnum. 

I hope to move up to Focus XD'S or Aeris in the future. Legacy rocks!

For $7K you can get a used pair of Perspectives